Gezira Travel DMC is one of the oldest and the largest travel companies in Egypt.

It was founded in 1984 with the aim to become one day the fortress in tourism with first class personalized services for their clients.

Gezira Travel DMC had an important mission to excel in operations, grow and maintain the leadership of the DMC worldwide.

They had a plan to expand and develop a new business in the GCC region to counter the decrease of incoming tourism caused by the Egyptian market and focus more on the outgoing tourism.


  • B2B Booking Engine
  • XML Integrated suppliers
  • XML Out
  • XML Shared with Web Booking Expert Marketplace
  • Multiple XML suppliers with various services
  • XML in
  • Contracting & Extranet engine
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • B2C System


Although incoming tourism into Egypt decreased by approximately 80% in some cases, Gezira Travel DMC launched gtbeds, a new brand designed to sell hotels and ground services all over the world.

2013 and 2014 saw a huge increase in the online booking engine market, in the Chanel Manager and dynamic rates model.
Companies who were operating offline via classical methods, by phone and direct visits with their clients, started to see their business jeopardized.



With the launch of the new brand, gtbeds had to adapt to the digital market in order to grow and sell more directly contracted properties.

This was the moment when they first acquired a B2B Booking System from Web Booking Expert with multiple XML suppliers already integrated, in order to grow their inventory not only by selling their contracted hotels but also additional ones.

After they grew the inventory with the XML suppliers, Web Booking Expert advised and implemented a Contracting & Extranet System in order to properly distribute and sell their contracted hotels along with the already integrated rates from the XML suppliers.

By the end of 2015, after the launch of gtbeds, Gezira recorded their first online bookings.


At the beginning of the year the B2B Web Booking Expert System was already functioning and Gezira Travel DMC started in the sales and promotion of the new brand and new engine.

In May 2016 Gezira attended with the gtbeds brand at its first edition of Arabian Travel Market in Dubai with an impeccable, modern and state of the art image. The growth in awareness had an immediate tremendous impact on the booking volumes.

By Q4 2016 Gezira recorded a boom in sales and acquired more than 15 million AED from what literally was a full start-up company which was just consolidating the brand and building client’s trust.


The first half of 2017 Gezira recorded more than 120% growth in business comparing to the same period in 2016.

The company started adding own contracts within UAE and Egypt in the Contracting & Extranet System to Web Booking Expert’s clients and to others as well, by using the XML Out in distributing rates to the Web Booking Expert Marketplace.

By Q3 the business had an accelerated growth and the Management felt the need for analysing all the sales/client data so they acquired the Business Intelligence Dashboard from Web Booking Expert in order to check the booking trends, observe and adapt the rates accordingly, better control the margins, track the performance and profitability of each client or selling channel.

By the end of 2017 the current booking patterns dictated an increase in bookings by 300 to 400% compared to 2016.


Read client's feedback about our collaboration

After a rather long decision process which had us go through more than 16 IT houses, we finally decided to work with and more importantly to put our trust and our new brand and budget behind them.

gtbeds is shaping up now as a house hold name in the wholesaler market in the GCC region and we couldn’t have achieved this without the personal support given by the team. We are confident that with such partners and with the help of their technology we would continue our impressive growth and we are quite happy with our experience.

Karim El Biblawi
Vice President, gtbeds - Egypt


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