Travel Wholesalers


Beating the Competition: How Travel Wholesalers Can Stand Out

Wholesale travel agencies, also known as travel wholesalers, must constantly innovate and improve their operations to stay competitive in the market. This includes finding new ways to distribute their products, optimizing their processes, and offering unbeatable prices to attract customers. By doing so, they can increase their sales and profit margins and effectively compete with other suppliers in their target markets.

Travel wholesalers are urged to manage all operations from a single technology platform, including contracting and inventory integration, managing online travel agents’ network, content distribution via multiple points of sales, reservation and content management, accounting and reporting.

Expertise and reputation in the market, qualitative inventory and strategic marketing and sales are also key points for a successful and impactful travel business

Tour Operator Online Booking System

Our Travel Wholesalers software solutions

Travel wholesalers have the best partner in working with our system. We have a flexible, robust and fast solution that allows wholesalers to set up unlimited B2B2B and B2B2C systems and set up different payment methods (credit limit, cash, credit and debit cards and loyalty points) for each of his B2B2B or B2B2C clients.

Our online reservation system allows them to sell hotels, tours, transfers, flights, villas, insurance and rent a car product, as well as dynamic packages with specific mark-up definition for different criteria through any online, offline, or both channels or via multiple branches offices. has a vast travel inventory available through already made API integration with multiple leading suppliers, GDSs and Channel Managers helping wholesalers to quickly access online content as well as their own negotiated contracts.

Using our system travel wholesalers are able to easily expand their operations by distributing their content to 3rd party travel companies via our innovative XML Out platform.

Take advantage of:

  • Unlimited XML integrations with multiple leading suppliers across the world
  • Integrations with multiple online payment gateways
  • Inventory management (directly contracted suppliers, online XML suppliers)
  • Price control (own negotiated rates with each supplier based on direct agreements, mark-ups, affiliate commissions)
  • Channel Manager compatible
  • Combined online-offline reservation experience from the same place
  • Unlimited White Labels for affiliates to expand online presence
  • Booking management and performance tracking on each selling channel
  • Multiple branch offices set-up
  • Accounting systems integration

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