CMS Integration


Content Management System Integration


The integration with a CMS System will allow full freedom in editing the content and the graphic interface of the booking engine portal from a central management system.

What’s in it for you?

Using a platform like WordPress with 10 years of solid experience, updates and enhancements users can expect a user friendly system, a great user experience and most of all various features for both developers AND non-technical users.

Also, WordPress is especially well suited for boosting any site’s rank in search engines helping users to manage their content on their website and track and report on marketing activities. Content Management System - CMS

How does it work? has implemented a CMS (Content Management System) via API integration for its clients, both in the B2B and B2C environments.

The WordPress platform, an open-source CMS, is now available for installation and customization for any user that either wants to create a brand new travel website fast and within budget or is interested in managing the content from his already created booking portal.

Key Capabilities

  • One of the most SEO friendly CMS platform available online
  • Fully flexible design and a high palette of already made design templates
  • Easy to use CMS platform for non-technical individuals
  • Unlimited flexibility to add pages, sub-pages and manage the online presence of the company
  • Update content, static pages and banners management
  • Automated updates in CMS for special offers and top destinations definde in the back-office
  • Build special offers, top destinations and featured services in homepage
  • Possibility to extend features upon client’s needs
  • Very low price point as it comes on top of our online reservation software service package


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