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Client’s feedback for our Online Booking Engine

We started working with in April 2019 and I can say that we are thankful and we really enjoy working with the platform. I wish every company I dealt with was as professional as The team is very helpful, forthcoming and they always come to us with unique suggestions and ideas.

Aleksandra Belnik

Online Sales Director, Umbrella Travel Online

From our first year in business, we chose to partner up with They have a very dedicated team doing their best in delivering quality products and services. The most important aspect to us is that is constantly innovating according to the ongoing trends using the latest technologies, which is the same way we build our products and services.

Mr. Ali Okda

CEO & Chairman, Global Travel International

Our collaboration with started at the beginning of 2018 and we are really satisfied with our decision to work with them. ‘s product is constantly upgrading, following the big demands of the travel industry and along with their excellent team members, they created such a powerful mix that can boost a travel company that cooperates with them.

Alexandra Michailidou

Operations & Sales Supervisor, GTRS professional and practical approach enables B2B companies to go online in the minimum amount of time. Being a B2B company we needed specific functions to suit our clientele and has provided us the features that allows us to supply services and functions to suit each client need accordingly.

The team is friendly and always prepared to help either for consultation or technical advice. Our company is delighted to have chosen instead of many others.

Pairaw H. Rahim

Managing Director, Webgate Booking

I had a look at their demo system and I was blown away. The speed and the level of features they had back then has become an industry standard and was copied by at least half of the travel industry. For the Middle Eastern market, there are 2 or 3 companies worth your while and has been and will always be on top of that list.

Using system for 7 years and counting.

Since then they have grown the software every year and I am proud to say that I got in at the beginning, since I was able to see their entire software grow and mature.

Dany Keyrouz

CEO, Book The World is able to learn and evolve with the client. As our needs have changed has been flexible about providing us with the support we need through the tactical enlistment of specialist skill sets. Strong processes at are evident through the minimal disruption caused when team members have moved on.

John Ames

IT Director, JacTravel

I really love these guys! I am working with since 2012. Amazing staff with great knowledge of the travel IT industry, thinking much forward and have a making money product which is the most important for me.

Usually everyone who is looking for a system like this is lost on details and features. They have a unique way to approach and give you exactly what it fits for you. I must specially mention that Mr. Ciubotaru and Mr. Dumitru are very talented and just next to any of our needs.

We are very happy with them!

Alexandros Katsopoulos

CEO, People of The World

JacTravel have been customers of for over 7 years and counting. During that time, we have developed a broad range of applications together that have helped JacTravel grow its business. has been able to attract and retain strong technical talent which has made the development process a reliable one. We have a strong team working for us at with strong processes in place.

John Ames

IT Director, JacTravel

After a rather long decision process which had us go through more than 16 IT houses, we finally decided to work with and more importantly to put our trust and our new brand and budget behind them.

gtbeds is shaping up now as a house hold name in the wholesaler market in the GCC region and we couldn’t have achieved this without the personal support given by the team. We are confident that with such partners and with the help of their technology we would continue our impressive growth and we are quite happy with our experience.

Karim El Biblawi

Vice President, gtbeds

Would like to express our pleasure in regards to the service quality that we have consistently received from We have always appreciated the quick response that we get and the way you conduct business. We often find ourselves recommending your firm to others based upon the satisfaction that you provide us.

Osama Danish

Managing Director, Travel Solution FZE

I was searching for over 2 years for a software that would allow me to get my job done and to simply search in one place for all of my contracts with various Wholesalers and to neatly store all of my bookings and from where to do my reporting. I am very happy with since I saw that a company can actually provide a fast, robust and feature rich solution, without the hassle that comes with adopting a brand new system.

We went online in only 3 weeks. We are very happy with our experience.

Genevieve Magnan

Director, Cheap Otel

As any other client we had our expectations when we contacted their sales team and what surprised us was the unrivalled understanding that they had. It was easy working with them because of their fast and easy-to-use system that increased our profits and made us a strong competitor on the market. The speed of their entire system is above a lot of other systems in the market.

Extremely gifted people. I got to meet their entire team, both in Romania and in Dubai and I can honestly state that efficiency is the key word I felt when dealing with them.

Dany Keyrouz

CEO, Book The World has an accessible and easy to use software for the daily operations. Effective features and updates. Overall offers a user friendly system and the latest technology.

Ismail Dursun

Director of Online,

I have been dealing with for a couple years now. I have found their products to fulfil our needs and to be of good value for our investment.
Furthermore, I do appreciate the fact that they do not just try to push all their new features and modules for us to acquire but always try to understand our needs and see first whether these new features will be useful to our business and if they are cost effective.

The software is quite user friendly and easy to implement.

My experience with has been quite positive and I would definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a reliable travel software company.

Chahid Bouamrane


We started working with in May 2016 for one of our main challenges, relating the integration between the Channels Manager and the GDS Accommodation Solution. The integration was complex but succeeded in helping Xenia creating a specific solution for this particular, complex task.

We still have some important implementations to do next, that will help us and our hotel partners in our future business and we are confident that’s solution will deeply consolidate our presence in the Distribution market.

Alessandro Cerritelli

Director, Xenia Spa

The whole team is professional and friendly. It is our pleasure to work with The system is fast in search and response time. I like how easy it is to make bookings and that it never gives errors.

Ali Shabbir

Operations & Contracting Manager, Easy Travel System

The software is easy to use and most suppliers are already LIVE so hence its very fast and easy to integrate the system with many live suppliers…

Adil Anwar Shaikh

Managing Director, JAS TRAVEL GROUP

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