CONTACT US provides a complete set of software solutions specially designed to cover all the needs of a modern travel company to BUY travel inventory, MANAGE travel products, suppliers, clients, agents & international agencies, mark-ups and finally SELL their travel products further to agents, corporate companies or directly to the traveller.

Mid Back Office management tools for travel companies by

Multilingual Mid & Back Office Solutions

The core of your booking engine designed for you to manage your own travel business rules, control user roles, auto mechanisms, reservations, clients & suppliers.

Manage your bookings in real-time, create and manage clients’ and suppliers’ profiles, define and manage mark-ups, business rules and multiple types of payment, generate invoices and run reports.

Business Intelligence

An information management tool with easy to use metrics to put you in control of your business. Track and monitor in real time the performance of each individual client, branch, selling channel and product, employee and other key data points relevant to your business, department or processes.

NEW! Comparison Tool

Business Intelligence & Reporting Tool -
Finance Module bulk payments for travel companies - 500

Finance & Reports

Choose a management tool to administrate your financial activity in order to benefit from auto invoicing, reconciliation, seamless accounting integration, unlimited reports and many other featuress.

Custom Corporate Image

An add-on for your company’s unique travel policies, flow management, reporting tools.


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