Niched Travel Business


The challenges of Niched Travel Businesses

A niched travel business relies on catering to a specific portion of the market, all while striving to offer the value proposition for that particular segment. Niches can include LGBTQ+ travel, elders, families, packages, disabled, honeymooners and a whole host of other travel businesses that target a certain audience.

These types of businesses have some of the same challenges as the typical travel agencies: consolidating content for hotels, flights and other services, offer fast and beautifully laid out pictures and content to the traveler and keep a unique identity while doing so. Besides this, niched businesses do require content curation and this is where even the most professional of software systems could fall short.

Curate your content


Choosing to sell only specific destinations, or specific properties or specific routes are key differentiators for these types of businesses. Also choosing to sell properties that offer only certain facilities such as wellness, wheelchair access, gay friendly, pet friendly etc becomes a key in their niche.

Another pain point that our research has shown is the curation and override of actual content, which is sent out by third parties. Niched businesses could only sell a handful of properties in a large city, but they need to be handpicked, thus requiring a content tool that allows the translation and overriding of photos, geo coordinates, descriptions, address and room photos for the advertised properties. Content Deduplication tool

Our Niched Travel Business software solution

With the help of our great team, we have developed a set of tools that allow any niched travel business to focus on their bottom line while allowing us to do the hard work in the backend.

Our solutions are simple to set up, come with a monthly price plan that requires a ZERO installation charge and allows your business to be up and running in no time – usually around 2 to 3 weeks. It takes clients more to change the content they want to display in the actual website or application than it takes us to set up the platform. This commitment to speed in delivery as well as to delivering feature and benefit-driven solutions means that you can tailor to your custom market like never before.

Another key point which our team worked on is Identity – A lot of businesses in the travel space lack the identity since they are restricted by the IT vendor to keeping the same, exact layout as all of the customers of that IT house while trying to differentiate themselves in front of the end customers or travel agents. While in a large country like the US or Australia, having a few competitors in the same space and using the same system wouldn’t be too much of a trouble, we are seeing the great response that customers are having to our own custom design solution.

In short, all customers can have their unique identity and design of the booking engine and they can even host it on their server. This level of flexibility is unique in the travel industry and it gives the extra edge to Niched travel businesses in promoting to their clientele.

B2C Travel Booking System - Travel Technology

Available features for the Niched Travel Businesses

  • Curate Hotel content (descriptions, pictures, facilities, geo coordinates etc)
  • Customizable design and booking journey
  • Curate Hotel categories – choose to show only specific star categories or hotels in certain regions
  • The chance to host the frontend website with your own IP on your own server
  • Curate Flights – choose to show only specific routes or airlines or flight classes
  • Override 3rd party supplier content with your own High-Quality one

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