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Our collaboration with started at the beginning of 2018 and we are really satisfied with our decision to work with them. ‘s product is constantly upgrading, following the big demands of the travel industry and along with their excellent team members, they created such a powerful mix that can boost a travel company that cooperates with them.

Alexandra Michailidou

Operations & Sales Supervisor, GTRS professional and practical approach enables B2B companies to go online in the minimum amount of time. Being a B2B company we needed specific functions to suit our clientele and has provided us the features that allows us to supply services and functions to suit each client need accordingly.

The team is friendly and always prepared to help either for consultation or technical advice. Our company is delighted to have chosen instead of many others.

Pairaw H. Rahim

Managing Director, Webgate Booking

I had a look at their demo system and I was blown away. The speed and the level of features they had back then has become an industry standard and was copied by at least half of the travel industry. For the Middle Eastern market, there are 2 or 3 companies worth your while and has been and will always be on top of that list.

Using system for 7 years and counting.

Since then they have grown the software every year and I am proud to say that I got in at the beginning, since I was able to see their entire software grow and mature.

Dany Keyrouz

CEO, Book The World is able to learn and evolve with the client. As our needs have changed has been flexible about providing us with the support we need through the tactical enlistment of specialist skill sets. Strong processes at are evident through the minimal disruption caused when team members have moved on.

John Ames

IT Director, JacTravel

I really love these guys! I am working with since 2012. Amazing staff with great knowledge of the travel IT industry, thinking much forward and have a making money product which is the most important for me.

Usually everyone who is looking for a system like this is lost on details and features. They have a unique way to approach and give you exactly what it fits for you. I must specially mention that Mr. Ciubotaru and Mr. Dumitru are very talented and just next to any of our needs.

We are very happy with them!

Alexandros Katsopoulos

Business Development Manager, People of The World

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