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We’ve been using WBE since 2016 and we love how the design, functionality and platform have grown with us! WBE has offered us a friendly system for our daily operations. It has a good portfolio of partners and an experienced support team.

Sofia Rouhitsa

Operations Supervisor & Administrator of The Booking Expert - Greece

Selection of was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we ever made! Excellent company with great services and support. Nice and user-friendly platform allowing to develop the business effectively. WBE is One Of The Bests indeed!

Massoud Izadrad

Hotel Operations & Contracting Manager at - Iran

Our mission at Aktina Travel Group is to provide the best Hotel Distribution Service in the Greek Market and beyond. WBE has been an integral part of our success by providing a State of the Art software that caters for our operating needs. WBE’s Customer Support & Technological Solutions enable us to thrive in a highly competitive environment. After all these years of cooperation, we view WBE not as Software Provider, but rather as a Partner.

Andromachi Zerzivili

CEO, Aktina Travel Group - Greece

One of the best, real value-for-money travel software in the market. Easy to use and pretty intuitive. Our colleagues got accustomed to the Mid Office pretty easily. The system loads fast and delivers very good results.
The BI & Reports help you with all the needed information on a management and sales level. The support team is always focused and hands-on.’s BD team and top management were always there for us and I believe we make a great match together, which will help us become more relevant in the travel sector in the long term.

Sabin Tarsoaga

CEO, Tale Travel - Romania

When we went searching for a travel tech provider, we consulted about 10 vendors from all around the world. Some were stronger in some areas while lacking in others and we spent close to 8 months finding the right fit for us.
The reason we chose wbe is we needed a platform that could fully automate our team’s headaches like multi-currency, different languages, and forms of payment and that’s just to name a few. The team here made it very simple for us to just prioritize more important matters in improving Zoytrip.

Jason Turner

Senior Consultant, - USA

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