Mid & Back-Office

to set your own travel business rules

Mid and Back Office - Travel Management Tool by wbe.travel


What is our Mid & Back-Office module?

It is a suite of the most advanced tools that help you to set your own travel business rules, to automate your processes and manage your workflow.

What’s in it for you?

You will be enabled to manage your business more efficiently, to fully administrate and control your operations by automating all the processes inside your travel business, no matter what your profile is (Travel Agent, Corporate Travel, Tour Operators, DMCs, Wholesalers, PCOs, etc).

You can control your bookings in real-time, create and manage clients’ and suppliers’ profiles, define and manage mark-ups, business rules and multiple types of payment, generate invoices and run reports.

Mid Back Office management tools for travel companies by wbe.travel

How does it work?

It is a web-based, complete and intuitive platform which gives you real-time access to the management of the life-cycle or any booking, to creating and managing clients’ and suppliers’ profiles, to defining and managing mark-ups and business rules, to managing multiple types of payment, to generating invoices and running reports.

JacTravel have been customers of wbe.travel for over 7 years and counting. During that time, we have developed a broad range of applications together that have helped JacTravel grow its business. wbe.travel has been able to attract and retain strong technical talent which has made the development process a reliable one. We have a strong team working for us at wbe.travel with strong processes in place.

John Ames
IT Director, JacTravel

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time access to online bookings, availability of stock, cancellation policies, business rules
  • Suppliers’ management (enable/disable specific suppliers, import static data and specific content for each supplier, add/remove a supplier from the recommended list in the search results page, set-up time out or response for each supplier)
Mid Back Office Mark up per destination wbe.travel - Travel Software
  • Mark-up management (per supplier /client / group / destination / hotel / a mix with all)
  • Clients’ management (B2B clients – manage agents/ sub-agents, create profiles, set billing details, payment method, etc; B2C clients and Corporate clients)
  • Multi-payment management (credit card, credit facility, cash, loyalty points)
  • Cancellation policy management including deadline alerts
  • Booking management via control panel (see booking list, export booking list in Excel, search & find reservation)
  • Finance module (proforma generation, automated invoicing, client statement, credit management, supplier payments reconciliation, etc)
  • Offline bookings module (multi service bookings for tours, visa, transfers, hotels, apartments, restaurants, FIT and group, MICE; group more than one service in a booking, generate one invoice for multiple bookings)
  • Remarks / messaging system with travel agents (messaging between root and agent on a reservation)
  • Edit the booking vouchers with relevant information
finance module for travel companies - 900


wbe.travel has a full portfolio of tech solutions to help you automate processes, increase efficiency, and boost your sales. Give it a try. Schedule a call with our team and let’s find together the best ways to grow your business.