CONTACT US provides a complete set of software solutions specially designed to cover all the needs of a modern travel company to BUY travel inventory, MANAGE travel products, suppliers, clients, agents & international agencies, mark-ups and finally SELL their travel products further to agents, corporate companies or directly to the traveller.

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B2B & Corporate Booking System

A complete online booking system to sell to your own travel agents’ network or corporate clients.
All-in-one system that allows you to control your business network, to extend and diversify your sales channels and maximize performance of your travel business.

B2C Booking Engine

A user-friendly interface that allows selling travel products to end-consumer or corporate clients directly on the travel portal website.

Differentiate from competitors with own unique design and a fast and powerful booking system backed up by a rich inventory of hotels, flights and dynamic packages (hotel & flight).

Mobile Apps for iOS & Android has built for you a beautiful Mobile Travel App in 11 languages with Dynamic Packages of Hotels + Flights, all based on your hotel contracts + GDS flight agreements.

The App can have the same features as your B2C website, following your corporate image (logo, fonts, colours and your name in the App Store) in order for your clients to search, book and manage their bookings anytime, anywhere and from any device, providing you an additional revenue.

Extra Selling Tools

API / XML Out designed for you to rapidly sell your entire content as a wholesaler via only one connection.

White Label allows you to have unlimited affiliate modules for B2B2B or B2B2C. A basic white label, allows agents to use the existing website design with their logo. Advanced white labels can be semi customised as well as fully customized in order to change both the logo and content.

International Branches 
is a tailor-made feature, built to sell to your subsidiary offices through your own system.


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