26 February 2019

wbe.travel in PhocusWire Media – Expedia Partner Solutions launch (EPS)

Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS) has launched the Certified Technology Partner Program with wbe.travel by its side, as one of the first travel technology providers to integrate Rapid, Expedia’s latest API technology.

PhocusWire detailed the main benefits of the new program in a detailed news article.

Expedia Partner Solutions builds partner program for tech companies

Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS) has launched a Certified Technology Partner Program to forge closer relationships as well as deploy services faster.

To be part of the program, partners need to be up to speed with Rapid, Expedia’s latest API technology, to ensure they have most of the company’s content integrated at any given time and be able to meet EPS launch requirements.

Fritz Oberhummer, director of account management platforms in EMEA and LATAM for EPS, says the company currently has about 120 technology partners globally.

He anticipates between 30 and 40 will end up being part of the certified program, but that does not preclude others from continuing to work with the company.

“The only limitation is internal resources. We’re looking for a proven track record, and we usually say they need to have partnered with us for 12 months. We also want, geographically and product-wise, a balance across the globe,” he says.

Technology companies such as wbe.travel, were announced as a certified technology partners during Expedia’s conference at Travel Technology Europe 2019.


Read the full article HERE: https://www.phocuswire.com/expedia-partner-solutions-certfied-tech-program

Author: Linda Fox, PhocusWire


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