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Travel Agents Challenges

While the share of online bookings is constantly growing, all travel agents become more concerned about their performance and look for the best travel software solutions to comply with their development strategies, to introduce innovations, improve the quality of their overall service and maintain their competitiveness on the tourism market.’s booking software is the perfect solution for travel agencies of all sizes, either starting their online business or already set-up ones wishing to upgrade their outdated or manual systems, reduce human errors and save time and money. 

Taking into account the motivation, needs, and behavior of modern travelers we know that our system provides travel agents with added value compared with a classic travel agent experience.

B2C Booking Engine

Our Travel Agencies Software Solutions

Travel agents are empowered by our technological solution to perform bookings using our user-friendly and comprehensive interface thus simplifying work processes and allowing their sub-agents to work with more customers at once without errors and confusion.

Our system is able to perform many complicated task at the same time:

  • Manage allotments and prices, set up customizable commissions and mark-ups
  • Manage sub-agents network with individual login
  • Manage corporate clients by setting preferential mark-ups for best rates offering
  • Maximize the inventory control with different channels of distribution
  • Access the lowest rates due to integration with all scale global suppliers
  • Enable fast search and price comparison in the booking engine due to advanced load balancing
  • Manage overall performance with advanced reports and finance tools


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