Hotel Extranet

to sell dynamic rates from hotels

Hotel Extranet System



What is our Hotel Extranet?

The Extranet system helps you connect the dynamic pricing of hotels, villas, resorts and automatically update it to your selling channel with no extra efforts.

What’s in it for you?

As the rates are constantly being updated by hoteliers based on market fluctuations, inventory, pricing of the competition, events and so on, your travel business needs to have the Best Available Rates (BAR) in order to succeed.

The Hotel Extranet is an excellent solution to be competitive, to have the Best Available Rates, Corporate Rates, Advanced Purchased Rates all in just one system. Adding the Contracting Tool on top of your Extranet will also permit you to append to that system your preferential contracted rates, directly negotiated with hotels. is one of the few providers that can mix multiple rate plans in just one portal, streamlining the workload of your team.

Hotel Extranet System

How does it work?

The Hotel Extranet System allows your travel company to connect directly to the specific Channel Managers used by the hotels you desired to have in your inventory, in order to obtain the updated dynamic rates and the availability.

Add or to grant hoteliers access to manage in the Extranet System (with unique login and password), the information (inventory, description, photo gallery, facilities, policies) and the dynamic pricing. The second one is an excellent option to reduce your employees’ workload.

The hotelier is able to add or less their room inventory and apply the dynamic rate for their room category, period and many more. These changes will be then available directly to you to benefit from the best available rates (BAR) and further synchronize them to your selling channels.

“I was searching for over 2 years for a software that would allow me to get my job done and to simply search in one place for all of my contracts with various Wholesalers and to neatly store all of my bookings and from where to do my reporting. I looked high and low and I saw that a lot of solutions in the market cost enormous amounts of money and their usability was very low and you had a huge learning curve before being able to use their systems. I am very happy with since I saw that a company can actually provide a fast, robust and feature rich solution, without the hassle that comes with adopting a brand new system. I think I made the right choice in working with”

Genevieve Magnan
Director, Cheap Otel

Key Capabilities

  • A stand alone web-based system
  • Connect it directly to your B2B or B2C distribution platform
  • Connect to Hotel by Channel Manager to automatically push and receive dynamic rates
  • Connect it to the Contracting Tool to add your preferential and negotiated rates Hotel Extranet System
Hotel Extranet System
  • Grant access to hotels in the system to manage by themselves: their rates, availability and information
  • Property types: hotels, villas, resorts, apartments, camping
  • Product definition description, photos, facilities, room types, meal types, policies
  • Availability management
  • Cancellation policies, extra-bed policies and child policies
  • Special offers management (pay-stay, discount, early bird, special rates, conditions)
  • Reservation management (cancel, confirm pending bookings) with real time notification
  • Supplement setup such as: City fee, Touristic tax, SPA supplement etc
  • Generate auto-email invoices to hotels for commissions; Allow hotel to view and download invoices for commissions (applicable for commissionable rates)
  • Support multiple rate plans as per hotel definition (BAR, Corporate Rates, Advanced Purchased Rate)
  • Reservation management (cancel, confirm pending bookings)
  • Multi-language & multiple currencies
Hotel Extranet System

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