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JacTravel have been customers of wbe.travel for over 7 years and counting. During that time, we have developed a broad range of applications together that have helped JacTravel grow its business. wbe.travel has been able to attract and retain strong technical talent which has made the development process a reliable one. We have a strong team working for us at wbe.travel with strong processes in place.

John Ames

IT Director, JacTravel

I really love these guys! I am working with wbe.travel since 2012. Amazing staff with great knowledge of the travel IT industry, thinking much forward and have a making money product which is the most important for me. Usually everyone who is looking for a system like this is lost on details and features. They have a unique way to approach and give you exactly what it fits for you. I must specially mention that Mr. Ciubotaru and Mr. Dumitru are very talented and just next to any of our needs. We are very happy with them!

Alexandros Katsopoulos

CEO, People of The World

After a rather long decision process which had us go through more than 16 IT houses, we finally decided to work with wbe.travel and more importantly to put our trust and our new brand and budget behind them. gtbeds is shaping up now as a house hold name in the wholesaler market in the GCC region and we couldn’t have achieved this without the personal support given by the wbe.travel team. We are confident that with such partners and with the help of their technology we would continue our impressive growth and we are quite happy with our experience.

Karim El Biblawi

Vice President, gtbeds

GTRS - B2B travel booking engine built by wbe.travel

Our collaboration with wbe.travel started at the beginning of 2018 and we are really satisfied with our decision to work with them. wbe.travel 's product is constantly upgrading, following the big demands of the travel industry and along with their excellent team members, they created such a powerful mix that can boost a travel company that cooperates with them.

Alexandra Michailidou

Operations & Sales Supervisor, GTRS

Xenia Italy - wbe.travel client

We started working with wbe.travel in May 2016 for one of our main challenges, relating the integration between the Channels Manager and the GDS Accommodation Solution. The integration was complex but wbe.travel succeeded in helping Xenia creating a specific solution for this particular, complex task. We still have some important implementations to do next, that will help us and our hotel partners in our future business and we are confident that wbe.travel’s solution will deeply consolidate our presence in the Distribution market.

Alessandro Cerritelli

Director, Xenia Spa

wbe.travel has an accessible and easy to use software for the daily operations. Effective features and updates. Overall wbe.travel offers a user friendly system and the latest technology.

Ismail Dursun

Director of Online, HeysemOnline.com


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