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the booking expert 210 118

We've been using WBE since 2016 and we love how the design, functionality and platform have grown with us! WBE has offered us a friendly system for our daily operations. It has a good portfolio of partners and an experienced support team.

Sofia Rouhitsa

Operations Supervisor & Administrator of The Booking Expert - Greece

trip.ir travel agency booking system by wbe.travel 210 118

Selection of wbe.travel was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we ever made! Excellent company with great services and support. Nice and user-friendly platform allowing to develop the business effectively. WBE is One Of The Bests indeed!

Massoud Izadrad

Hotel Operations & Contracting Manager at Trip.ir - Iran

aktina travel group technology wbe.travel

Our mission at Aktina Travel Group is to provide the best Hotel Distribution Service in the Greek Market and beyond. WBE has been an integral part of our success by providing a State of the Art software that caters for our operating needs. WBE’s Customer Support & Technological Solutions enable us to thrive in a highly competitive environment. After all these years of cooperation, we view WBE not as Software Provider, but rather as a Partner.

Andromachi Zerzivili

CEO, Aktina Travel Group - Greece

Tale Travel Wholesaler using travel technology from wbe.travel online booking b2b

One of the best, real value-for-money travel software in the market. Easy to use and pretty intuitive. Our colleagues got accustomed to the Mid Office pretty easily. The system loads fast and delivers very good results. The BI & Reports help you with all the needed information on a management and sales level. The support team is always focused and hands-on. wbe.travel's BD team and top management were always there for us and I believe we make a great match together, which will help us become more relevant in the travel sector in the long term.

Sabin Tarsoaga

CEO, Tale Travel - Romania

Zoytrip wbe.travel premium plus partner with zero integration fee for API

When we went searching for a travel tech provider, we consulted about 10 vendors from all around the world. Some were stronger in some areas while lacking in others and we spent close to 8 months finding the right fit for us. The reason we chose wbe is we needed a platform that could fully automate our team's headaches like multi-currency, different languages, and forms of payment and that’s just to name a few. The team here made it very simple for us to just prioritize more important matters in improving Zoytrip.

Jason Turner

Senior Consultant, ZoyTrip.com - USA

My mission in 2020 was to find a single software solution that works like a central hub. I wanted to connect with various suppliers - from direct hotels over channel managers to bed banks and flight brokers. On the other hand, I wanted to offer our customers an easy and self-explaining online tool to check availabilities and book instantly. On top of that, I needed a “free-hand” offline tool to offer tailor-made reservations for groups, conferences, and MICE projects. With the great help of WEB´s support team, we created professional-looking documents that are sent to the clients automatically and made even complex bookings effortless. That helped us increase our volumes - even with a minor team in post-COVID times. The technology behind the WBE reservation platform is technically very complex and has connectivity to products and supplier channels like I´ve never seen before. During my time with WBE, I have seen many innovative improvements - following the newest trends and standards, which help us to keep up with the enormous speed of developments in the travel industry. We have been approached several times to participate in new add-ons and solutions. A big THANKS to the tremendously helpful and fast support team who helped with quick answers whenever needed.

Oliver Riefler

Founder, S-E-T-T Sport & Events Tours & Travel - Germany

Heraklio Travel leading travel agency in Greece

Our Group operates in the Hotel distribution B2B since 2012 and had the opportunity to work and test several providers’ products. In our attempt to further grow our business, we had to test and evaluate platforms for new features, work efficiency, streamlining operations, effortless processes, cost reduction and overall, for the best value for money. Considering the above, we happily transitioned to wbe.travel beginning 2018. Since then, we managed to use a vast base of key suppliers, excellent business intelligence tools, significant platform improvements and constant upgrades through innovative solutions. Of course, no change comes easily while upgrades might bring some bugs & technical difficulties. Having the support of experts from wbe.travel’s IT and Commercial Teams through instant decisions and fast-solving solutions, we smoothly integrated to a leading-edge technology platform. Constant investing in new technologies offers improved customers’ experience. Thanks to the whole WBE team.

Theodore Mantzios

General Manager at Heraklio Travel Group - Greece

Zoytrip wbe.travel premium plus partner with zero integration fee for API

After working with several local IT houses, the solution developed by the great team at wbe simply clicked with us. It was user friendly and the fastest one out of all that we’ve tested. We have been using wbe for a couple of years and they always went above and beyond to cater to our deadlines and to help in scaling up our business and processes. The system is highly automated and allows for a huge level of XML and staff control and we feel wbe is a crucial partner for our success. We are happy to partner with them on their Las Vegas presence and United States expansion plans.

SJ Yoo

Vice President of Operations at ZoyTrip.com - USA

We have been working with wbe.travel for 3 years+ now. What impressed me from the first introduction with Radu Ciubotaru, was the feeling I had while talking with him. It was like I was speaking with a colleague, not an outsider. He cared more about my business and my vision more than I thought I cared. It really impressed me a lot. It was love at first demonstration! The same feeling and caring didn’t stop after purchasing the software. The whole team of wbe.travel cares about our business continuously by giving us excellent customer support, innovation and by constantly adding new features. This is what impresses me about wbe.travel - their business culture.

Marsel Kalemi

Founder & CEO of Kalemi Travel - Albania

Cosmobeds Destination Management Company powered with wbe.travel software for travel

I have been doing business with Radu Ciubotaru and George Dumitru for the last 10+ years and always recommended wbe.travel’s services to my clients that were either looking to start an online travel agency or were not satisfied with the platform they were using at the time. It only made sense for us as Cosmobeds to go the same way and use wbe.travel as our IT platform in order to expand our business globally. We share the same values which is hard work and efficiency in what we do!

George Marsellos

Founder & CEO, Cosmobeds - UAE

vas dream travel company using wbe.travel software solution

wbe.travel's system is the right choice for a market leader like VAS DREAM. The system itself is already fast, has a quite good portfolio of suppliers and a smart design. The team is motivated and puts effort into their clients to succeed. They are transparent regarding their technology and do not leave you wondering how things are put together. Learn and earn with wbe.travel. Their CEO is quite passionate, talented and caring of his customers. The support team once they get the message they will do it for you. The personal touch is impressive; they don't rip off their brand name or try to build a one-sided winning business relation.

Enver Mehmeti

CEO of Vas Group - Albania

Xenia Italy - wbe.travel client

We started working with wbe.travel in May 2016 for one of our main challenges, relating the integration between the Channels Manager and the GDS Accommodation Solution. The integration was complex but wbe.travel succeeded in helping Xenia creating a specific solution for this particular, complex task. We still have some important implementations to do next, that will help us and our hotel partners in our future business and we are confident that wbe.travel’s solution will deeply consolidate our presence in the Distribution market.

Alessandro Cerritelli

Director, Xenia Spa - Italy

people of the world

I really love these guys! I am working with wbe.travel since 2012. Amazing staff with great knowledge of the travel IT industry, thinking much forward and have a making money product which is the most important for me. Usually everyone who is looking for a system like this is lost on details and features. They have a unique way to approach and give you exactly what it fits for you. I must specially mention that Mr. Ciubotaru and Mr. Dumitru are very talented and just next to any of our needs. We are very happy with them!

Alexandros Katsopoulos

CEO, People of The World - Greece

GTRS - B2B travel booking engine built by wbe.travel

Our collaboration with wbe.travel started at the beginning of 2018 and we are really satisfied with our decision to work with them. wbe.travel 's product is constantly upgrading, following the big demands of the travel industry and along with their excellent team members, they created such a powerful mix that can boost a travel company that cooperates with them.

Alexandra Michailidou

Operations & Sales Supervisor, GTRS - Greece

wbe.travel has an accessible and easy to use software for the daily operations. Effective features and updates. Overall wbe.travel offers a user friendly system and the latest technology.

Ismail Dursun

Director of Online, HeysemOnline.com - Turkey


After a rather long decision process which had us go through more than 16 IT houses, we finally decided to work with wbe.travel and more importantly to put our trust and our new brand and budget behind them. gtbeds is shaping up now as a house hold name in the wholesaler market in the GCC region and we couldn’t have achieved this without the personal support given by the wbe.travel team. We are confident that with such partners and with the help of their technology we would continue our impressive growth and we are quite happy with our experience.

Karim El Biblawi

Vice President, gtbeds - Egypt

wbe.travel's software is easy to use and most suppliers are already LIVE so hence it's very fast and easy to integrate the system with many live suppliers.

Adil Anwar Shaikh

Founder & CEO at Jas Travel Group, Pakistan

JacTravel have been customers of wbe.travel for over 7 years and counting. During that time, we have developed a broad range of applications together that have helped JacTravel grow its business. wbe.travel has been able to attract and retain strong technical talent which has made the development process a reliable one. We have a strong team working for us at wbe.travel with strong processes in place.

John Ames

IT Director, JacTravel - United Kingdom

Travel Booking Experts

I worked with and used wbe.travel's products to build our XML booking engine for my employer in 2015, and by far they are the most cost-effective provider among all those we met at the World Travel Market without sacrificing the quality and efficiency. Their team is also great and always searching and working on new and creative solutions. I would recommend them to any OTA or supplier looking to start or upgrade their own XML booking engine, automate your process, or offer white labeling.

Isaac Wassef

former Digital Marketing Manager


wbe.travel has a full portfolio of tech solutions to help you automate processes, increase efficiency, and boost your sales. Give it a try. Schedule a call with our team and let’s find together the best ways to grow your business.