How can travel APIs become your superpower?

 A new way to grow your business

As our latest data shows, travellers have been booking trips in record numbers in recent months. We believe that travel agencies and wholesalers should strive to become more efficient, to better compete with the large OTAs.

We found 3 areas where your business could grow, with the help of travel APIs.

Imagine increasing your sales by launching your unique B2C Website


Visualise your new, beautiful website built to target new markets and boost your profits.

  • You could design and implement your own B2C booking engine with 1 web developer on your side. No need for complex databases or servers, we’ve got that part covered.

  • You could write your own content pages (E.g destination pages, multilingual articles) in your desired content management platforms (E.g WordPress, Joomla! etc) as your landing site and link it to your B2C Booking Engine.

  • You could sell hotels, villas, apartments and other accommodation properties by connecting to our API.

  • You can handle credit card payments at your end, by connecting your system with the desired Payment Gateway. As a second option, you can leave us to connect our API to your chosen payment gateway and manage credit card payments within the API.

Imagine reducing your IT spending by integrating just one API


Downsize your costs with multiple inventory sources and choose one API to have them all.

  • You could integrate One Single API and get all your hotel XML suppliers without any extra effort.

  • Besides 3rd parties, you could use the same API and get your own contracts (either static) or via Chanel Managers.

  • Your destinations and hotels will be fully deduplicated/mapped using our mapping partners.

  • You would be able to plug in and out XML suppliers within a matter of hours, not weeks.

More than 100 Travel Suppliers already connected
For your accommodation portfolio choose from world-renowned OTAs, niched travel wholesalers, global Bedbanks or specific DMCs. Add on top GDS, flight consolidators and low-cost carriers.

Imagine expanding your revenue while keeping your existing ERP system


There’s no need for extra training time or new learnings. You hold on to your ERP/Mid-Office system, which you and your staff have been using in the latest years, while growing your vending power.


  • You keep your ERP/Mid office system and you get from only the solutions to grow your inventory and boost your sales. You use the ERP Bridge API to make the two solutions communicate important data.

  • You can use the ERP Bridge API to pull reservation and financial documents data from database to your ERP system.

  • You would be able to issue credit limits* straight from your ERP and the booking engine would check each agent’s limit before placing a booking.

    *This function is available only if your ERP has a special capability to show agents’ credit limits and synchronize the data via API.

  • You can keep both systems in sync by scheduling automated tasks for delta updates.

A new API suite to solve all your needs


We are happy to officially launch our new suite of travel APIs, built to untangle all the complicated necessities of a modern travel company.

B2C Plug&Play API allows your team to effortlessly develop your own UI.
SmartKonnect API grants you the possibility of growing your supplier accommodation inventory while keeping the costs low.
ERP Bridge API allows you to leverage your current ERP platform and seamlessly connect it to’s booking solutions.

Allow our travel experts to simplify travel APIs and let’s set up a call to understand your current challenges. Let’s see together which are the best API solutions for your travel business.


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