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Arabic Booking System - a fully featured solution offers a fully featured Arabic travel booking system so you can benefit from the huge potential of delivering travel services to the Arabic speaking travelers from all over the world. Just like the big booking websites, has adapted the software in order to dissolve the language barrier.

Arabic right-to-left interface and content


We want to make sure that our clients make the most of their business so in order to ease the interaction with the potential travelers, we offer Arabic right-to-left interface and content, such as: and content: airports, calendar, destinations, hotel names, descriptions, facilities, POIs, rooms types.

Arabic Travel Booking System - Desktop

Full Arabic Booking Engine


  • Your responsive design for B2C Website and Mobile Apps
  • Extremely FAST search results ~ 3 seconds to see results
  • Complete mapping for destinations, hotels and now launching room mapping
  • Arabic right-to-left interface and content
  • Metasearch integration with WeGo Saudi Arabia
  • OTA features: Limit destinations, add room size, add room pictures, use own photos and hotel room name
  • Contracting module for mix inventory: contracted rates, dynamic rates combined with XML rates

After a rather long decision process which had us go through more than 16 IT houses, we finally decided to work with and more importantly to put our trust and our new brand and budget behind them. gtbeds is shaping up now as a house hold name in the wholesaler market in the GCC region and we couldn’t have achieved this without the personal support given by the team. We are confident that with such partners and with the help of their technology we would continue our impressive growth and we are quite happy with our experience.

Karim El Biblawi
Vice President, gtbeds

Local expertise and features


  • TripAdvisor integration in Arabic from native speakers
  • VAT ready engine for the MENA Region
  • Local Payment Gateways and Banks with Taqseet & SADAD enabled, also available for Mobile
  • All currencies supported & Auto Exchange rate
  • VISA module supported
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Arabic Travel Booking System - Hotels List View - 550 has


  • been working in the MENA region for the past 10 years
  • more than 40 clients in this region
  • a local office in the MENA region
  • a local team and Riyadh contact numbers (Landline /Mobile /Whatsapp)

Mobile App in Arabic has built for you a beautiful Mobile Travel Booking App in Arabic + 10 other languages with Dynamic Packages of Hotels + Flights, all based on your hotel contracts + GDS flight agreements.

  • Multi-currency with automated updates from
  • Search around current location or view on Google Maps
  • API safe credit card payments directly in the app
  • Fully branded mobile app with your company’s colors, logo, banners
  • Publish your mobile App under your company’s name in the App Store
  • Send push notifications with special offers directly on their mobile devices
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