Hotel Switch integration


The Switch is the tool that is used to deliver rates and availability for hotel rooms to the distribution systems. The Hotel Switch was developed to connect the world with suppliers and distributors.

A solution to link multiple hotels to travel companies


Switches have the technological capability to link multiple hotels or hotel chains with travel companies. In the present case, the connection is easily done through wbe.travel. Switches are used to deliver rates and availability of hotel rooms to OTAs, Travel Agencies, Wholesalers or Distribution Systems.

Similar to Channel Managers but not quite the same


Although many companies see the switches and channel managers as the same thing, their technical capabilities and functions are somehow different. Switches operate only as a “pull” system. In simple words, a travel company pulls the rates from a connected switch that is directly linked to a hotel chain.

No rates or inventory are kept in the travel company’s system or in the switch itself. All the information, rates and inventory come instantly, live from the hotel’s chain’s system.


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