Multiple Branches Set-up


What is the Set-up of Multiple Branches?


It’s a state of the art enhancement to our system which allows travel agents to contract XML hotel suppliers through the main office and then distribute them via any of its branches which have full separate systems.

What’s in it for you?

Setting up subsidiary offices through platform you are able to sign just one single contract with your hotel suppliers and then distribute and share your suppliers’ inventory at net rates to each of your branches.

B2C Booking Engine

How does it work?

You will benefit from a single unified travel booking and management platform from where you can manage your international offices network, each of the branches having their own design, accounting system and specific suppliers.

The best part of this feature is that you don’t need to sign separate supplier agreements for each branch as they are able to sell the mother company’s inventory with own mark-up.

Key Capabilities

Head Office

  • No installation cost for any additional branch
  • Sells B2B, B2C, to corporate & branches via XML
  • Access branches’ own contracts via API
  • Offer full online booking system to each branch

Branch Office

  • Own design, website & identity for each branch
  • Sells inventory from head office with own markup
  • No XML supplier agreement needed
  • Sells own local contracts to the head office


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