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to sell travel services to YOUR corporate clients

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The Corporate Booking Tool was built with the sole purpose in mind, to help travel companies better cater travel services to their corporate clients.

The Corporate Booking Tool and the B2B Booking Platform share the same Mid & Back Office System with complex features.


Interested in finding out more? VIEW the complete system presentation HERE.

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Corporate Booking Tool has built an online Corporate Booking Tool for the travel professionals to manage, search and book travel services for their corporate clients or to give them direct access to book by themselves the needed travel products.


Multiple travel inventory sources  

The corporate client or the employee of the travel company can access, search and book travel services from Online XML Suppliers, GDSs or Air Consolidators or directly from their contracted services. 

The travel company can configure in the system any corporate negotiated rates, for the corporate clients to book travel services at their previously nego prices.


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Corporate Self Booking Tool

Allow your corporate clients to quickly search and book for themselves, following their own corporate policies. In the Corporate Self Booking Tool the corporate can:

  • Add travelers and create individual traveler profile
  • Set travel policies for hotel and flights (budget and content restrictions, class restrictions etc)
  • Add locations and divisions
  • Define authorization flows (Outside of policy rules for TripAproval role to approve the trip)
  • Set specific user roles (Traveler, Booker, TravelArranger, TripApproval, UserManager)

Manage and control your travel business

The travel company can set up profiles for corporates by adding all the information for contact, financial data for invoices, individual profiles for their travelers, travel policies, restrictions, locations, divisions and user roles. The entered data for the traveler will be automatically populated in the new booking.

The travel company chooses credit limit and sets the payment method, credit line or credit card or both, for each of its corporate clients. The booking system also allows the travel company to set different markups for each client.

Corporate Self Booking Tool - User Roles -


Custom corporate image & White Label

With the new update of the system provides now the possibility to customize the Corporate Booking System in terms of User Interface (UI), look and feel.

The travel company can now offer to each of its corporate clients a tailored appearance with the White Label feature or corporate branding.

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