Stuba (Premium+)

Stuba API Integration has integrated via API the world-renowned Hotel Wholesaler Stuba, formerly known as Rooms XML. Stuba has been appointed as a Premium Plus partner of The connection to Stuba’s API is included in the program and is covered by and Stuba so you, as a travel company, will have zero costs for installation and no monthly fees for maintenance.


About Stuba


Having been in business since 1991, Stuba know hotels! They have introduced a new era in accommodation booking with their carefully curated hotel results to make travel businesses more efficient and profitable.

Their new curated approach is about match-making the right hotels to the right customers. A ‘one size fits all’ route no longer works when selecting a hotel as customers’ demands have become more discerning. Stuba has done the hard work; their industry-leading curated approach uses predictive analytics to enable partners to effortlessly select a hotel specific to discerning customer’s requirements.

Stuba’s unique approach of offering static, dynamic, exclusive DMC and niche third-party contracting ensures the best hotel rates and availability and last room availability alongside direct connections with most leading global and regional hotel chains.



  •  Curated approach to hotels
  • Curated categories include Luxe, Trending, Beach, Boutique and many more
  • 88% of their product is 4* and 5* hotels with a focus on leisure destinations – USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Caribbean and more.
  • Industry-leading 24 x 7 global support
  • Award winning
  • Protect the guest at all times through excellent customer service
  • Local currency
  • Bespoke XML feed/API connectivity
  • HCN (Hotel Confirmation Number) guaranteed with every booking, which has come directly from the hotel, so clients can rest assured that the hotel booking exists.

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Offer your clients real-time availability and great rates to book Stuba’s hotels with just one API integration with Stuba with zero integration costs.

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