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Restel API Integration has integrated via the API and has added in the Premium PLUS program – Restel to provide its clients, with no integration fees, rich content from more than 125,000 accommodations located all over the world. The complex API connection to Restel Hotels guarantees access to its portfolio with real-time availability.


About Restel


Restel is one of the biggest hotel booking providers worldwide. It is integrated into the Tourism area of Grupo Hotusa and it commercialises more than 125.000 accommodation properties around the world. In 2019 Restel got a business volume superior to 600M euros.

Created in 1982, Restel has a wide experience in the market and has a presence in more than 150 countries and more than 10.000 tourist destinations, allowing it to offer a wide range of independent hotels, as well as establishments belonging to chains, ensuring their guarantee and quality.

The company has an advanced technology solution, guaranteeing access to its hotel portfolio with high availability. Nowadays, it commercialises from its own extranet to more than 25000 travel agencies, through its API to more than 1000 distributors: the main OTA and tour operators worldwide.

Currently, Restel has central offices in Madrid and reinforces its international presence with representation in Barcelona, Roma, Naples, Milano, Lisbon, Porto, Paris, Lyon, London, Warsaw, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Bogotá, México DF, Cancun, Dubai, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore. Its rich portfolio and local presence, turn the company into one of the most noted in the tourist industry.

In Grupo Hotusa, Restel plays an absolutely strategic role, being a key piece in the distribution structure of hotels associated with Keytel, the world leader in hotel representation.




Born in 1977 and based in Barcelona (Spain), Grupo Hotusa is a dynamic organization composed of different companies related to various fields of the tourism sector. In addition to the Eurostars Hotel Company, the organization hosts the worldwide leader hotel consortium Hotusa Hotels, with over 2700 hotel partners in the world, also the hotel representation company Keytel and the hotel reservation center Restel.


  • Present today in 150 countries
  • 10,000 destinations available
  • +125.000 accommodation properties all around the world
  • A wide range of independent hotels as well as chain hotels

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Offer your clients real-time availability, rates, impressive photo galleries and complete descriptions with just one API integration with Restel.’s API Integration to Restel will provide you real-time availability for travel products sourced from over 125,000 hotels, villas, apartments and hotel chains from all over the world.

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