Hotelbeds API integration has been at the forefront of connectivity with Hotelbeds for over 15 years, establishing itself as a pioneer among IT suppliers and tech vendors. Our commitment to innovation led us to integrate in 2019 and then keep up continuously with the latest Hotelbeds API, Apitude, ensuring seamless access to the full spectrum of Hotelbeds content.

In 2022, cemented an exclusive partnership with Hotelbeds, granting our clients privileged access to two of Hotelbeds’ flagship products: Tours & Activities (including iconic destinations like Disney), and Transfers. This partnership not only underscores our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions but also solidifies our position as a leading provider, enhancing our clients’ travel experiences worldwide.


About Hotelbeds 

With over 40 years of industry expertise, Hotelbeds offers an extensive portfolio of accommodations spanning 195+ countries and over 5,000 destinations, totalling more than 300,000 properties. Their comprehensive range, from hostels to boutique hotels, ensures that every traveler’s preferences are catered to. Through’s integration with Hotelbeds, travel agencies gain access to a diverse array of accommodation properties, and 200,000+ experiences, from theme parks (like Disney) and tours to sporting events and leisure activities, enriching their journey with unparalleled choices and seamless booking experiences.



of the partnership
  • 15-year partnership with Hotelbeds
  • Priority access to Tours, Activities (including Disney) & Transfers
  • Full access to Hotelbeds’ content and features
  • Leading supplier on platform
  • Implementation of new features ahead of competitors
  • Up-to-date API connectivity – APItude
  • Seamless integration for clients worldwide
  • Global portfolio of 300K + properties in over 5000 destinations
  • Worldwide transfers in 700+ destinations in 200+ countries
  • 200K+ enhanced travel experiences for clients globally

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with Hotelbeds

By integrating with Hotelbeds API through, you’ll have access to an extraordinary portfolio of 300K+ properties and 200K+ experiences worldwide, and rich content. Expand your offering today and start selling globally!

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