Since 1989, DHISCO Inc. has been providing innovative distribution technology to enable hotel bookings around the globe. As the single largest processor of electronic hotel transactions, the company delivers advanced connectivity and distribution solutions to over 100,000 hotels and 300-plus hotel chains in over 200 countries. DHISCO has built its reputation on providing efficient and affordable means to market, capture and book hotel reservations – moving over eight billion transactions a month.


DHISCO switch connects the world’s largest chain hotels to over 1500 channels using advanced switch technology that has evolved since the birth of hotel online distribution channel management 30 years ago. Today we operate at millisecond speeds, giving you the fastest connectivity the industry has to offer.


DHISCO smart cache technology ensures your CRS maintains optimal performance and protects against excessive shopping from your demand partners. With change hint notification we ensure your channels are always up-to-date with the latest availability, rates and inventory.

DHISCO Content:

  • Captures and delivers actual room information from real-time shopping data
  • Creates a new data store without requiring hotel intervention
  • Transforms acronyms, abbreviations, uppercase fonts and phonetics into information that converts.



When you connect with  DHISCO switch or channel management solutions, you not only get industry leading speed, implementation and security, you get a partner committed to your growth.


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