Cloud-based scalable solutions


CLOUD SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS offers cloud-based software solutions for the travel companies with global reach. The entire booking engine system is hosted on Microsoft Azure and is designed with speed, scalability and high traffic in mind. Scalability offers you limitless possibilities even when your travel business grows. designed the infrastructure to have maximum resilience, security and reliability, to enable online access to real-time information 24/7 and serve clients all around the world. is know on the global travel market for its extremely rapid system, stability even when browsing through +150 XML API integrations with world-renowned travel suppliers.


SUPPORT TEAM provides to its clients its in-house support team working on one of the most reliable and modern support systems in the world – Jira Service Desk. By using the latest technology on the market, has the possibility to better cater and serve the ever-changing needs of a travel company and deliver better service experience.

START SELLING FASTER, SMARTER AND BETTER has a full portfolio of tech solutions to help you automate processes, increase efficiency, and boost your sales. Give it a try. Schedule a call with our team and let’s find together the best ways to grow your business.