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with your OTA website built on top of's API

What is really the B2C API and how can it help you?

We have over 18 years of building Travel APIs so it came only normal to unify them under one roof. The B2C Plug & Play API is our solution for companies that want to build a uniquely designed B2C with their own team, without the need for large scale developments done in the back.

A hassle-free solution that does all the work for you, in the back.


  • An endpoint for multiple connections of hotel suppliers, delivered in a unified structure, in just one hub.

  • You can use it as a rich and robust inventory source and build on top of it a website or a web application or a Mobile App.

  • Multiple searches in the back. All automated for consolidated, deduplicated and clean results – with your net prices and the markup you’ve previously set.

  • Async search and paginated results for a faster display.

  • Embeded sorting and filtering options.

  • Linked to flexible MidOffice and Call Center systems.

A wide range of hotel suppliers already connected
A abundant accommodation portfolio from world-renowned OTAs, niched travel wholesalers, global Bedbanks or specific Destination Management Companies.

Cut cost and launch your project in no time.


  • No need to pay for every single integration. No need to internally connect with each supplier separately. You end up cost saving in the long run.

  • The shortest time to market and minimal need for testing.

  • You determine how you do the search – One search in all suppliers or individual browsing in the preferred ones. It’s all your choice.

While your team is working on launching
your own designed OTA on top of our B2C API,
how about launching our ready-made B2C platform?

What’s in it for you?


  • Smart Search – Search any 3 letter combination and a partial city name to retrieve any hotel name or Point of Interest. This beautiful feature offers you a personalized experience of searching travel products rapidly, exactly as you want. It offers intelligent hints while typing.

  • Show 1st a particular hotel on each destination – always promote a particular hotel.

  • Different promo banners per destination with our banner management software. For you to choose what hotel or special promotion you highlight for each destination.

  • High-Quality Hotel content for more than 330,000 Hotels.

  • Recommended hotels on each page appear first – promote your desired hotels for each destination.

  • Night mode, like all the big brands.

  • Mobile friendly interface optop of the B2C API– more than 80% of travellers access sites from their mobiles.

  • Compare rates between multiple properties.

  • Non-refundable signalling, even for supplier XML rates.

  • Pay Later – Give your clients the chance to pay before they travel with automated billing on their credit cards before the time of departure.


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