George Dumitru talks about differentiation through distribution in Phocuswire media

In a recent thought-provoking opinion piece featured on Phocuswire, a leading travel industry publication, George Dumitru, the CEO of, shares his expert insights on the crucial role of distribution in achieving differentiation in today's highly connected more


Webinar – Evolution of Software-as-a-Service in travel: from “nice-to-have” to “need”

Evolution of SaaS in travel: from “nice-to-have” to “need”'s CEO has been invited by Phocuswire to host a webinar talking about the shift in travel tech from “nice-to-have” to “need” of SaaS solutions. George more


All roads in travel lead to SaaS – an article by George Dumitru in PhocusWire Media

George Dumitru,'s CEO and C0-Founder expressed his opinion about the evolution in the travel sector, an evolution that regards the technology development from a license-based model to a modern, up-to-date standard of the cloud-based software solutions more


George Dumitru talks on Phocuswire about cloud technology during and after COVID-19's CEO - Mr. George Dumitru talked in a recent article from Phocuswire, about the "Pay as you grow" program for travel companies, about how the cloud technology can help the travel industry during and after COVID-19 pandemic. more


Self-booking tools – the way forward for Business Travel after COVID-19 crisis

Travel Management Companies (TMC) as all travel sectors, took a serious hit during the last 3 months since all businesses suddenly stopped their travel arrangements or postponed most of their plans to an indefinite term due to coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). No more

2019-10-18 in Phocuswire: Thomas Cook – Tech lessons for travel SMEs from the fall of a giant

Thomas Cook - Tech lessons for small travel businesses from the fall of a giant Phocuswire - Opinion - George Dumitru, CEO's CEO shared his opinion on one of the most discussed subjects in the last past days - the more

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