A rich feature solution for you to use the up-to-date technology and enjoy a mature software system for your travel business

Suitable for

Start-up travel companies who want a very FAST turnaround time for the engine to go LIVE

Travel Professionals who just want the chance to EXPERIENCE and evaluate a professional and robust engine

Established travel companies who want to invest only a small monthly allowance in the IT costs in order to focus their budgets in the Marketing and Sales activities

Services, Features & Products
On demand, Online, Shared Hosting on Windows Azure Cloud
No installation required, NO extra costs
Flexible - on subscription
NO transaction fees, NO commission from bookings
Time to Market
Unbeatable, quick time to market
Included in the pack, automatic
IT&C team and Hardware
NO IT&C Team or Hardware required
Online Ticketing System, additional one available on request
Included in the pack, additional hours available on request
Services: Accommodation (Hotels, Villas, Apartments, vacation homes), Flights, Tours, Transfers, Car rentals, Insurance
Selling Channels: B2B, Corporate, B2C, B2E (In-house)
Monthly Searches
Up to 50.000
Agents / Users
Up to 500
Own Contracts - Contracting Tool
Service suppliers with whom you've already signed a contract for special rates and allotment can be integrated and managed with the Contracting Tool
Dynamic Rates & Availability - Hotel Extranet
Add or grant hoteliers access in the system to manage: dynamic pricing, general information and availability; Connect the system to a Channel Managers to automatically receive dynamic rates and push reservations
Connection to Channel Managers from our list of partners
Integrating a channel manager into your online booking system will expand your global coverage so you will be able to increase accommodation choices for your travelers
XML API Integrations with service suppliers from our list of partners
Integration with list of partners for inventory services. See the full list here:
Combine a large portfolio of XML suppliers with your own contracted and dynamic rates is one of the few providers on the market that offers a mixed inventory in just one system, for you to use the extended inventory and the best available rates from it
Selling Channels
B2B Portal
For agents or partners to create reservations for their clients & many more
Corporate & Self Booking Tool
For the travel management company (TMC) to search and book travel services for their corporate clients; for TMC's corporate clients to selfbook within the TMC's system & many more functionalities
B2E / In-house / Call center module
For your staff to book in the name of the end customers or agents & many more
B2C Booking engine
For end customers to make the reservations online & many more
Mid & Back-Office

Mid & Back-Office module

Booking management
For your staff to filter reservations, to edit / cancel / issue vouchers, to manage notifications, set alerts, reminders & many more
Manage POI, Hotels & Offers
For you to manage your Points of Interest and neighbourhoods, your featured hotels and special offers for your top destinations
Staff management
To create users, manage their roles, rights and passwords & many more
Clients management (B2B Agents, Corporates, End Customers)
B2B clients – agents / sub-agents, Corporate - clients & End Customers - to manage and create profiles, set mark-ups, commission, billing details, payment methods; e-mail & vouchers templates for clients & many more
Suppliers management
Enable / disable specific suppliers, import static data and specific content for each supplier, add / remove a supplier from the recommended list in the search results page, set-up time out or response for each supplier
Price management
For different levels of mark-up to your net buying rates: per destination, per agency, per supplier, per room type, per service
Multi-payment management
Set different payment options per agent (credit, cash, credit card), loyalty points, credit limits
Finance module
For handling your financial relationship with your clients, to generate Performa and Invoices, to record payments, refunds, reconciliate bulk payment against multiple invoices, generate debit & credit notes and many more
Multi-currency & Multi-language support
Multi-currency support with manual / Auto update of exchange rates
Auto update for currencies
Via Yahoo / XE / Oanda for exchange rates
Auto Reminder & Auto Cancelation
Reminder with auto email generation for clients; cancelation for unpaid bookings by deadline & many more functions
Messaging system with travel agents
Messaging between root and agent on a reservation for updates on the services, availability & many more
Offline bookings module
For handling any booking purchased offline and sold online by your staff; for different services like visa, restaurant, excursions, trips and misc


Bank / Payment Gateway / VCC provider from our list
For processing electronic credit payments in real-time, anywhere in the world; ensure a secured e-payment method for your business and partners / end customers

Mapped Content

Hotel and Destination mapping
Manually done by mapping team; automatic auto-matching with an algorithm from hotel's name; tools for mapping refinement
GIATA Hotel Mapping
It requires a signed contract between you and GIATA


TripAdvisor widget
To make it easy to bring dynamic content from your TripAdvisor page onto your own website
TripAdvisor full API integration
It is done for all TripAdvisor mapped properties and requires a signed contract between you and TripAdvisor
Analyze & Report

Business Intelligence & Reports Module

Sales / Clients / Suppliers / Destinations Dashboard
To analyze the most profitable selling channels, the richest revenue generator market or country, the top selling products or clients to predict and react to sales
Support & Training


Online Ticketing System


Online training included, for 2 hours
Extra Modules & Features


Connection to Channel Managers outside our list of partners
Integrating a channel manager into your online booking system will expand your global coverage so you will be able to increase accommodation choices for your travelers (OPTIONAL)
XML suppliers outside our list of partners
Integration with other suppliers outside of partener's list (OPTIONAL)

Selling Channels

B2B - White Label: B2B2B, B2B2C
For your agent / partner to have his own branding (OPTIONAL)
B2B - XML Out
Fo distribute your travel products and services to 3rd parties via XML API connection (not available in SaaS)
Distribution tool for own contracted rates in GDS
By auto-uploading your negotiated rates into Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan (not available in SaaS)
Metasearch Exposure
To increase your visibility by appearing in Wego, Skyscanner, Trivago (not available in SaaS)

Mid & Back-Office

MidOffice Core

Backoffice API
Integrate a 3rd party Backoffice system (not available in SaaS)
Financial API
Integrate a 3rd party Accounting system to export invoices & other financial documents (not available in SaaS)
New Branch / GSA (for hotels)
A full B2B system for your Partners (not available in SaaS)


Translating Descriptions, Room types, UI, Destinations, POI


Bank / Payment Gateway / VCC provider outside our list

Analyze & Report

Business Intelligence & Reports Module - Mobile iOS App for reporting

Mobile iOS App for reporting
For flexibility, to analyze and build reports whenever, wherever you need (OPTIONAL)

Customized implementation

Front end

CMS Integration
To have the full freedom in editing the content and the graphic interface of the booking engine portal from a central management system (not available in SaaS)
Custom Homepage & branding for B2C engine
To have your brand's custom features, colors, fonts & many more onto your B2C website (OPTIONAL)
Custom E-mails & vouchers templates
To have your brand's custom features, colors, fonts in the communication materials with clients (OPTIONAL)

Mobile Extension Pack: brand's colors & workflow

Mobile optimized website
Your optimized B2C website available on any mobile device: mobile, tablet, desktop (OPTIONAL)
iOS & Android Apps in stores (Apple / Google)
Your own B2C APP with a simplified booking process for mobile users (OPTIONAL)

Extra Support Pack

Instant messaging systems
Consultancy in business and market know how


At client premises or at's office

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