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B2B & Corporate Booking System

The success of your online business depends on the use of innovative technology

What is our B2B & Corporate Booking System?

It’s the perfect online booking platform for all modern travel agent and tour operator companies, a flexible and modular management software that supports all the steps of a travel business process.

What’s in it for you?

You are able to decide what sales channel is the most profitable for your business and distribute your travel products through your preferred ones: call centers, agent login website, white label or XML Out to sub-agents and corporate clients as well.

All these options will bring you even more sales possibilities as our system provides you with a fundamental suite of tools through which your agents can develop their own sub-agents network thus allowing the distribution of your products to a broader audience.

How does it work?

Our B2B reservation system offers your travel agents access into our web based booking engine so they can search and book your travel services in the name of their clients. Your agents will have real time access to making online bookings through a control panel from which they can manage all the reservation processes and also their sub-agents and operators.

Through our system you will be able to control the access of hundreds of agents and sub-agents to an extended inventory and negotiated rates by controlling your mark-ups and commissions thus gaining the ability to rapidly grow in the online environment – all from a single comfortable workplace.

"I was searching for over 2 years for a software that would allow me to get my job done and to simply search in one place for all of my contracts with various Wholesalers and to neatly store all of my bookings and from where to do my reporting. I looked high and low and I saw that a lot of solutions in the market cost enormous amounts of money and their usability was very low and you had a huge learning curve before being able to use their systems. I am very happy with since I saw that a company can actually provide a fast, robust and feature rich solution, without the hassle that comes with adopting a brand new system. I think I made the right choice in working with",   Genevieve Magnan, Director, Cheap Otel

Key Capabilities

  • XML API integrations with multiple leading suppliers and GDSs
  • Integrations with multiple online payment gateways
  • Inventory management (directly contracted suppliers, online XML suppliers)
  • Price control (own negotiated rates with each supplier based on direct agreements, mark-ups, affiliate commissions)
  • Comprehensive booking management (real time access to online bookings, availability of stock, cancellation policies, business rules)
  • Unique mid and back office tools (mini CRM module, corporate module, in-house bookings module, suppliers’ management)
  • Unlimited travel agents and sub-agents and control on permission levels
  • Multiple languages and currencies in the booking engine
  • Fully automated finance module
  • Add miscellaneous and offline bookings
  • Advanced reporting and finance tools
  • Unlimited White Label / Affiliate modules for B2B2B or B2B2C
  • Multiple branch offices set-up
  • TripAdvisor reviews for richer content

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