On-premises License

The use of a License of the robust travel software from wbe.travel for the entire lifetime of your travel company

Suitable for

Larger enterprises that require an extended degree of CUSTOMIZATION of their engine and features
Complex companies that want to invest in having BESPOKE connections and services linked to the wbe.travel software components
Ideal system for big travel businesses with mass distribution - tens of millions of daily searches

Services, Features & Products

Hosting On-premises, at client's data centre
Setup Requires installation at client's office
Billing ONE-time license fee for the entire lifetime of your company
NO renewal fee
Transaction NO transaction fees, NO commission from bookings, NO % of business
Time to Market Extended time to market due to customization
Customization Large scale customization, extended and complex ones available on request
Upgrades With annual maintenance contract
IT&C team and Hardware Inhouse IT&C Team & Hardware required
Support With annual maintenance contract
Training Extended training included in the pack, additional one available


Services: Accommodation (Hotels, Villas, Apartments, Vacation homes), Flights, Tours, Transfers, Car rentals, Insurance
Selling Channels: B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, B2C, B2E (In-house)
Monthly Searches Up to client's hosting pack
Agents / Users Unlimited


Own Contracts - Contracting Tool
Dynamic Rates & Availability - Hotel Extranet
Connection to Channel Managers from current integrations
Connection to Channel Managers outside our list of partners
XML API Integrations with service suppliers from our list of partners
XML suppliers outside our list of partners
Combine a large portfolio of XML suppliers with your own contracted and dynamic rates

Selling Channels

B2B Portal
Corporate & Self Booking Tool
B2B - XML Out
B2B - White Label: B2B2B, B2B2C
B2E / In-house / Call center module
B2C Booking engine
Distribution tool for own contracter rates in GDS
Metasearch Exposure

Mid & Back-Office

Mid & Back-Office module
Booking management
Manage POI, Hotels & Offers
Staff management
Clients management (B2B Agents, Corporates, End Customers)
Suppliers management
Price management
Multi-payment management
Finance module
Multi-currency & Multi-language support
Auto update for currencies
Auto Reminder & Auto Cancelation
Messaging system with travel agents
Offline bookings module
MidOffice Core
Backoffice API
Financial API
New Branch / GSA (for hotels)
Bank / Payment Gateway / VCC provider from our list
Bank / Payment Gateway / VCC provider outside our list
Mapped Content
Hotel and Destination mapping
GIATA Hotel Mapping
TripAdvisor widget
TripAdvisor full API integration
Translating Descriptions, Room types, UI, Destinations, POI

Analyze & Report

Business Intelligence & Reports Module
Sales / Clients / Suppliers / Destinations Dashboard
Mobile iOS App for reporting

Maintenance, Support & Training

Bug fixing and investigations
New application versions and new features on existing modules
Static data inventory updates
Online Ticketing System
Instant messaging systems
Consultancy in business and market know how
At client premises or at wbe.travel's office

Customized implementation

Front end
CMS Integration
Custom Homepage & branding for B2C engine
Custom E-mails & vouchers templates
Mobile Extension Pack: brand's colors & wbe.travel workflow
Mobile optimized website
iOS & Android Apps in stores (Apple / Google)

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