Hotel Wholesalers XML API integration


wbe.travel provides robust XML API Integrations of world-renowned Hotel Wholesalers, for your travel business to offer to its partners and travelers a rich accommodation inventory of independent hotels, hotel chains, apartments, houses and many other unique properties.


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What is a Bed Bank or a Wholesaler?


In the travel industry, a wholesaler (bed bank) is a third-party supplier who sources hotel room nights in bulk at heavily discounted rates and sells them, at a mark-up, to travel agents and OTAs. Sometimes, wholesalers do dynamic pricing, but this type of contract is uncommon.

Hotel Wholesalers are typically used by large independent hotels and chains to maximize occupancy and guarantee a certain occupancy rate. Wholesalers can help hotels reach international consumers they might not reach otherwise, although they do not interact directly with travelers.

Rich travel content, with zero installation fee and no montly cost

from Premium PLUS Partners

wbe.travel has launched a profitable program for travel companies that are looking to strengthen their travel inventory from elite travel suppliers. The plan offers a major benefit of a zero installation fee and no monthly costs for the powerful API integrations of travel suppliers with great, ever-growing listings and qualitative content, directly contracted rates and some of the fastest inventory updates.

Hotels, Flights & Car Rent with 0 installation cost & low maintenance fees


The Preferred Partner Program offers a zero installation fee and discounted maintenance fees to connect your travel business to the Travel Suppliers with more than 500,000 Hotels, Low-Cost Flights Worldwide, Carrier Flights, Combo of Segments and over 500 car rental companies in 170 countries and 30.000 locations.



wbe.travel’s integration services allow users to find the most competitive negotiated rates by automatically searching simultaneously in multiple suppliers and showing the best results for a specific area or product category. Your travel agents get your net rates, adds your markup and sell further – all automatically done through the B2B or B2C or Corporate Booking Engine.


  • Hotelbeds, the first place to go to for global coverage: 180k hotels in 185 destination countries
  • WebBeds by Webjet offers a great Asian coverage but with a total coverage of 350,000 properties around the world in 12,000 destinations.
  • Yalago, the wholesaler best-known for its large portfolio of directly contracted hotel rates and an additional collection of 300,000 hotels from third-party providers.
  • HotelsPro comes with content mapping and a rich portfolio of 600,000 hotels in 205 countries.
  • Travco, also known for its wholesale branch that specializes mostly in Europe. Travco features direct contracts with more than 12,000 hotels.
  • Bonotel renowned for its exclusive luxury travel offering, pretty exclusive accommodations


Combine and sell customized travel dynamic packages

wbe.travel offers to agents the flexibility to store complex travel inventory and dynamically distribute it together as one tour or vacation package, including hotel, flight, tour, transfer and other travel services.


wbe.travel has a full portfolio of tech solutions to help you automate processes, increase efficiency, and boost your sales. Give it a try. Schedule a call with our team and let’s find together the best ways to grow your business.