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wbe.travel provides the XML API Integration of the world-renowned Online Travel Agencies for your travel business to sell accommodation services from hotels, chains, resorts and many more.

The robust API connection facilitates your travel business to benefit from the best available rates on the travel market and great availability. The XML API integration offers you the possibility to gather and deliver in your Booking engine important information such as description, galleries, availability and pricing from multiple OTAs.

Why integrate an OTA?

OTAs as revenue generators

$600 B

OTAs provide access to your potential guests in locations and at volumes that would be difficult for you to access through other channels. Hotels of all sizes–including bed & breakfasts, inns and ryokans or others – sign contracts to list their properties on an OTA. There are no upfront fees to list rooms in the marketplace. OTAs make money only when rooms are booked, collecting a percentage of the total value of each secured reservation.

Almost $600 billion in revenue passes through the OTA market every year, thanks to the convenience the model offers for both leisure guests and business travelers. OTAs are a significant revenue generator for all kinds of accommodation providers.


Rich travel content, with zero installation fee and no montly cost

from Premium PLUS Partners

wbe.travel has launched a profitable program for travel companies that are looking to strengthen their travel inventory from elite travel suppliers. The plan offers a major benefit of a zero installation fee and no monthly costs for the powerful API integrations of travel suppliers with great, ever-growing listings and qualitative content, directly contracted rates and some of the fastest inventory updates.

Hotels, Flights & Car Rent with 0 installation cost & low maintenance fees


The Preferred Partner Program offers a zero installation fee and discounted maintenance fees to connect your travel business to the Travel Suppliers with more than 500,000 Hotels, Low-Cost Flights Worldwide, Carrier Flights, Combo of Segments and over 500 car rental companies in 170 countries and 30.000 locations.

The fastest-growing distribution channels


Online travel agencies are starting to become the fastest-growing distribution channel of the travel industry. OTAs are the preferred method of booking trips and accommodation for the majority of travelers.

OTAs invest annually millions of dollars in technology to secure and align to the global distribution strategies and in marketing activities to attract consumers from around the world to their online travel marketplaces.

KEY FACTS for OTA Integration

  • Booking.com offers 28M+ listings worldwide including business hotels, apartments, homes and other unique places to offer to your travelers.
  • Agoda (part of the Booking Holding) expanded to 2 million listings available in 38 languages. Agoda focuses on low-priced listings and affordability.
  • Expedia.com is home to listings of more than 500,000 properties, spanning more than 60 countries.
  • HRS offers more than 300,000 listings to about one million active users. HRS offers listings around the globe, but most of its inventory is in Europe.


with multiple hotel suppliers

wbe.travel has gained over the years notable experience in Hotel API Integrations by connecting more than 100 hotel suppliers and chain hotels.

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