HOTELS XML API INTEGRATION provides the XML API Integration of Hotels, Hotel Chains, Resorts, Aparthotel and other types of accommodation products. The inventory is sourced from Travel Wholesalers, Destination Management Companies, Online Travel Agencies, and other travel suppliers.

Hotel APIs are web services that facilitate travel companies to gather information such as descriptions, galleries, availability and pricing from multiple hotel suppliers. The information is afterwards aggregated into a single engine. This allows end-users to search and book hotels globally utilizing just ONE Hotel Booking System.


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150 has gained over the years an outstanding experience in API Integrations by connecting more than 150 travel suppliers and third-party services to its clients, all over the world.

For your travel business, you can choose to easily integrate multiple suppliers in your system, having in mind that uses reliable technological solutions and relies on XML and JSON for communication between the main modules.

Rich travel content, with zero installation fee and no montly cost

from Premium PLUS Partners has launched a profitable program for travel companies that are looking to strengthen their travel inventory from elite travel suppliers. The plan offers a major benefit of a zero installation fee and no monthly costs for the powerful API integrations of travel suppliers with great, ever-growing listings and qualitative content, directly contracted rates and some of the fastest inventory updates.

Hotels, Flights & Car Rent with 0 installation cost & low maintenance fees


The Preferred Partner Program offers a zero installation fee and discounted maintenance fees to connect your travel business to the Travel Suppliers with more than 500,000 Hotels, Low-Cost Flights Worldwide, Carrier Flights, Combo of Segments and over 500 car rental companies in 170 countries and 30.000 locations.


hotels, flights, transfers, tours, activities, car rentals & many more

Our travel integration services allow users to find the most competitive negotiated rates by searching simultaneously in multiple suppliers and showing the best results for a specific area or product category. You get your net rates, add your markup and sell further – all automatically done through our Booking Engine.


  • has a complex travel hub – wbeApi where you can manage multiple supplier host-to-host connectivity, from one single endpoint, rather than opening multiple systems in order to manually log in and surf through each individual system to find the best-negotiated rates and availability. Is just one simple way to reduce costs, time and offer the best travel services to your customers.
  • With only one integration you save time and money simplifying simultaneous interaction with +150 already connected travel suppliers & third-party systems as you won’t be needing to integrate internally each individual supplier or system. A big plus is that you can also keep your existing website and technology while extending your inventory.


Combine and sell customized travel dynamic packages offers to agents the flexibility to store complex travel inventory and dynamically distribute it together as one tour or vacation package, including hotel, flight, tour, transfer and other travel services.

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