Vervotech Mapping API has partnered up with Vervotech, a fast-growing  AI-powered mapping provider,  to deliver standardized data through hotel and room mapping products. The strategic technology collaboration was made to deliver richer hotel content to wbe’s clients, for an enhanced end-user experience.


About Vervotech


Vervotech is a hotel content and mappings company that enables travel businesses to organize their unstructured accommodation data. Founded in 2018, Vervotech launched its flagship products- Hotel Mapping, Room Mapping and Hotel Master Content with a vision of establishing a global standard for accommodation data.

Recognized by WTTA as the World’s Best Mapping Platform, Vervotech utilizes large-scale aggregation, AI-based processing, and ever-evolving ML models to make accommodation data universally accessible for every travel business. Vervotech’s innovative approach makes them the preferred mapping choice for the leading global travel and hospitality companies such as WebBeds, Hotel Planner, Hotelbeds.

Vervotech maps over 2 million hotel properties and 1 million apartments and integrates with over 600 suppliers. Its powerful AI platform maps hotel and room content with the highest accuracy of 99.999% and a coverage of more than 98%.

Vervotech offers unified supplier provided multilingual content to enable travel brands to sell their inventory in the language-agnostic online marketplace resulting in better conversions and long-term customer retentions.


of Vervotech
  • 99,9% proven hotel content accuracy
  • 98% proven hotel coverage
  • 600 suppliers worldwide provide access to accommodation data
  • 1000+ booking portals powered by Vervotech
  • 2M+ unique hotel properties mapped
  • 1M+ apartments mapped
  • 700,000 apartment IDs
  • 3M+ per day mapping speed
  • 60M+ provider hotels
  • 20K master room content available
  • 0.5 second API response time for Room Mapping
  • 35,000 premium HD images powered by IcePortal
  • 3M+ Master Hotel Content
  • 10+ Multilingual Suppliers

Request you API Integration

with Vervotech

Remove duplicate and inconsistent hotel listings. Standardize hotel and room content for your agents and travellers to search and book easily on your platform. Choose the mapping partner with an impressive portfolio of 2M+ unique hotel properties and 1M+ apartments intelligently mapped. Power your booking platform with 35,000 premium HD images. Ask for your integration with Vervotech.

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