Team America

Team America API Integration has integrated via the XTG switch the API of Team America, an experienced online tour operator, supplying travel products from the Americas to your booking engines.


About Team America

Team America founded in 1997, is a full-Service Receptive Tour Operator catering to over 900 accounts in 65 countries around the world with offices in New York, Miami Beach, Milan, Barcelona and Moscow.

Team America offers an extensive allotment of rooms within the entire United States, Canada, The Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. Team America provides over 3000 travel products online through the best technology solutions.


Multiple offices & multilingual teams

Team America is the only Tour Operator offering a centrally located state-of-the-art Concierge Center in the heart of Manhattan, entirely dedicated to their clients.

Their multilingual team is part of the GLOBAL sales support offices in key cities such as Milan, San Remo, Moscow, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Sofia (Bulgaria), London, Melbourne and most recently Buenos Aires, Manila and Montevideo.