Smyrooms API Integration has integrated via the API the Spanish bed-bank Smyrooms offering an amazing portfolio of +500,000 hotels in over 120 countries.


About Smyrooms 

Smyrooms is the global bed-bank brand of Grupo Viajes El Corte Inglés (VECI Group), one of the biggest travel conglomerates in Spain. Founded in 2008 and arising from the well-known OTA Logitravel Smyrooms has its Head Office in Dubai (Mazaya Business Avenue, Jumeirah Lakes Towers). The bed bank distributes +500,000 hotels in over 120 countries using cutting-edge technology through its unique Direct API as well as its strong collaborations with global Switches. With a total turnover of +4 Billion EUR, the Group also owns over 800+ travel agencies across Spain and Latin America.

From the total hotel inventory, Smyrooms distributes 40,000 direct hotels in top-demanded destinations, classified as exclusive deals where the allotment is bought before its sale. The rest of the inventory comes from the Group´s 280+ Third-Party Suppliers, making Smyrooms one of the leading multi-suppliers in the market.  As a top destination, Veci Group has a strong depth and breadth of its product in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Inventory breakdown

of Smyrooms
  • North America- 75K hotels
  • Latin America- 35K hotels
  • Europe- 180K hotels
  • Middle East- 45K hotels
  • Asia- 35K hotels
  • APAC & Australia- 80K hotels

Unlock a World of Possibilities

with Smyrooms API Integration

Experience the power of’s integration with Smyrooms API, giving you access to an impressive portfolio of over 500,000 hotels in 120 countries. Take action today and elevate your travel offerings with exclusive deals and a vast range of destinations.

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