Prime Travel

At, we’re excited to announce our latest integration with Prime Travel API through the XTG switch.


Prime Travel: A Fast-Growing B2B Travel Wholesaler

Prime Travel is a dynamic B2B travel wholesaler offering various travel services, from accommodation to transfers, and beyond. Their state-of-the-art multi-solution system is both reliable and speedy, handling an impressive 80 million daily requests, peaking at over 1,000 requests per second.


Exceptional Rates and Direct Contracts

But what sets Prime Travel apart is its mission to provide unique and unparalleled accommodation and ancillary rates to the world’s travel trade. With over 12,000 static direct contracts, 5,000 dynamic direct hotel contracts, and access to 750,000 hotels and rental homes in Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, and Poland, Prime Travel is a force to be reckoned with in the travel industry. A Global Bedbank brand of Prime Travel

Additionally, in 2019, Prime Travel launched its brand, which acts as a global bedbank. They offer the most competitive rates to hoteliers and travel distribution partners through their efficient platform and technical solutions, along with the highest in-house 24/7 support.


of Prime Travel
  • Fast-growing B2B travel wholesaler
  • Offers accommodation, transfers, and more travel products
  • Stable and fast multi-solution system
  • Handles 80M daily requests and 1,000 requests per second
  • Over 12,000 direct contracts and 750,000 hotels via 3rd party suppliers
  • – global bedbank with competitive ratesas as own brand
  • Extensive range of travel services
  • Provides the highest in-house 24/7 support. Integration with Prime Travel API

As a travel technology company, we’re proud to integrate with Prime Travel API and offer our clients access to their extensive range of travel services. Contact us today to learn more about how can help you optimize your travel business with Prime Travel’s API integration.

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