Jumbo Tours API Integration

wbe.travel has integrated via the XTG switch the API of Jumbo Online part of Jumbo Tours, an online travel wholesaler with +45 years of experience in the travel market, supplying travel products through reliable, advanced technology.


About Jumbo Tours and Jumbo Online

Jumbo Online is a brand of the Jumbo Tours Group, founded as a distribution platform for travel agents, wholesalers and tour operators to source some of the best rates in the market from +15,000 directly contracted hotels and +120,000 hotels from 3rd party providers.

Jumbo Tours started as a tourism operator in Spain and has extended its reach to 30 offices in 12 countries from Europe, Africa and the Americas allowing them to serve more than 2,400,000 clients a year.

Through their vast experience of 45 years in the travel market Jumbo has successfully gathered in-depth knowledge of each destination from where they have the portfolio of contracted properties and a solid relationship with their partners allowing them to provide the highest quality service.


of Jumbo Tours
  • +500 employees
  • Multiple offices in Spain, Europe, Africa, Americas
  • Multilingual assistance & support
  • Multiple services offered: accommodation, transfers, activities, tickets & more
  • Up-to-date technology with less than 2 seconds response time
  • +120,000 hotels available
  • +15,000 directly contracted hotels in popular destinations
  • +10M transactions with Channel Managers
  • +350M inquiries to suppliers

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with Jumbo Tours

In the travel industry, some of the most important aspects are competitive prices and a great portfolio to offer to your travellers & B2B buyers. Jumbo Tours can offer your travel business all of that and much more from their rich portfolio of +15K directly contracted hotels & +120K hotels from 3rd party suppliers all with just one API connection through wbe.travel.


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