HPro Travel (Premium+)

HPro Travel API Integration


wbe.travel has integrated via the API and has added in the Premium PLUS program the Travel Wholesaler HPro Travel. The connection to HPro Travel’s API is included in the program and is covered by wbe.travel and HPro Travel so, you as a travel company will have zero costs for installation and no monthly fees for maintenance.

About HPro Travel


HPro Travel is a leading B2B wholesaler established in 2021 based on +10 years’ of experience in the travel trade & technology sectors. HPro Travel is dedicated to providing a competitive portfolio of over 600.000 accommodation properties of which more than 30.00 are directly contracted hotels and chain hotels. Their portfolio is focused on the Middle East, Turkey, Western and Eastern Europe.



HPro Travel has a robust API platform for Travel agencies, Wholesalers & OTA’s, offering some of the fastest response times and high accuracy. Their cloud-based system & infrastructure is built to handle a high volume of queries. The XML feed & products can be customized for each feed and request.


of HPro Travel
  • Fast response time and high accuracy
  • Ability to handle a high volume of queries
  • A full tech cloud-based supported infrastructure
  • Static Data API & Mapping Services
  • Dedicated Integration & Optimization Team
  • Over 600.000 hotels globally
  • 30.00 directly contracted hotels and chains
  • Dedicated focus on the Middle East, Turkey, Western and Eastern Europe.
  • Invoicing & Payments to Israel and Turkey
  • 24/7 Customer Care

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Ask for your free integration with HPro Travel to get receive the rates and availability from 600.000 hotels globally & 30.00 directly contracted hotels. Make the most of the free connection.


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