Hotelmize is a leading company in the travel and technology industry that enables hotel distributors, bed banks, wholesalers, and travel agents to increase their profitability by over 35% by using innovative technology.

Hotelmize service provides fully automated Hotel booking profit optimization to travel companies. Their solution allows you as a travel firm to increase profits without connecting with new clients, without opening up new credit lines and without mapping new hotels.

Hotelmize’s fully-automated algorithms use big data and machine learning techniques to efficiently and effectively price, predict and analyze bookings to achieve the lowest costs and highest profits.

The technology

  • FULLY AUTOMATED – the platform is compatible with all booking systems and runs seamlessly in the background. It doesn’t require any change in workflow.
  • EFFICIENCY ALGORITHM – captures the maximum profit potential with minimal impact on the travel companies – the clients.
  • PRICE PREDICTION ALGORITHMS – are based on financial trading models, allowing Hotelmize to predict when room rates will reach their lowest point to achieve maximum arbitrage in a single rebooking.
  • PRECISE TRACKING CAPABILITIES – Hotelmize tracks the customer’s exact reservation, including all details for precise rebookings.

Unlock hidden hotel booking profits

using big data solutions from Hotelmize

Hotelmize provides a unique response to a well-known market opportunity, leveraging innovative technologies and proprietary algorithms to provide proven profit optimization. This is an unparalleled opportunity that is available nowhere else in the industry.  So go ahead and ask us about how you can make the most of it!

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