G2 Travel

G2 Travel API Integration

wbe.travel has integrated via the XTG switch the API of G2 Travel, an experienced online travel wholesaler, supplying travel products from all over the world.


About G2 Travel

G2 Travel was founded in 2011 by the pioneers of online accommodation distribution. This experience and knowledge together with strategic new appointments have enabled them to create an exciting value proposition for clients and suppliers. With cutting-edge technology, a carefully selected portfolio of directly contracted hotels and industry-leading customer care, G2 Travel is able to provide a high-quality accommodation solution for their valued partners.

Today, the company has a global network spanning 32 countries and is continuing to expand. G2 Travel’s core business is to supply quality travel services worldwide to the B2B Travel Trade in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.


G2 Travel Inventory

G2 Travel’s products range from the largest international hotels to the smallest local restaurants and cover the whole spectrum of services. In excess of 6,000 properties across Europe and North America have been meticulously researched and individually contracted specifically to meet the needs of group business.

G2 Travel also has strong partnerships with suppliers for other key destinations such as South America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. Their vast inventory includes allotments at hotels across the price spectrum, from 5-star city centre properties to budget alternatives in smaller towns and villages.


of G2 Travel
  • A carefully selected portfolio of 6,000 directly-contracted hotels across Europe and North America.
  • The long-standing relationship with hoteliers has allowed them to negotiate highly competitive rates.
  • Dedicated multi-lingual teams, available 24/7, every day of the year.
  • A global network spanning 32 countries and 53 cities, that is continuously expanding.
  • Local commercial teams that work directly with their hotel partners.
  • A dedicated Market Manager to help you to generate more revenue.

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Offer your customers a rich portfolio with some of the greatest rates in the market, from +6,000 directly contracted hotels across Europe and North America, all with one API connection with G2 Travel via XTG. Request your integration now!


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