Expedia – Certified EPS Technology Partner

About Expedia Partner Solutions

Expedia Partner Solutions unlocks the power of Expedia Group for thousands of partners around the world. Their mission is to fuel their partners’ growth through our unparalleled technology, travel supply and support services. As one of the world’s largest technology companies, Expedia Group invests more than $1 billion in tech innovation every year.


Certified Tech Partner: wbe.travel

At Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS), the B2B partnership brand of Expedia Group, they share this ambition with their partners, in developing extraordinary technology and reliable solutions for the travel industry. wbe.travel became Official Expedia Certified Technology Partner in February 2019. wbe.travel guarantees “Certified EPS Technology” partner requirements as a commitment of excellence to their existing and future partners.



wbe.travel has adapted to EPS Rapid – Expedia’s quick, the latest, light API product that lets you customize your hotel bookings end-to-end, from shopping to booking to payment. Their versatile API, EPS Rapid, is built on the latest technology to power your travel business. Bringing you access to a great customer experience, maximizing your revenue and cross-selling opportunities, and backed by end-to-end support


EPS in numbers

700,000+ properties worldwide

650,000+ deals, including member-only deals

15%+ average package rate discount for consumers

EPS provides you with:

  • Competitive rates and availability, and quality content for travel supply worldwide.
  • Robust, scalable, cutting-edge technology that you can count on for your business.
  • Configurable solutions, from API building blocks to front-end interfaces, engineered to deliver you conversions, fast.
  • Enterprise-class, business-to-business support and integration services.

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By integrating with Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS) through wbe.travel, you’ll have access to over 700,000 properties worldwide and rich content. Expand your offering and enhance your customer’s experience.


wbe.travel has a full portfolio of tech solutions to help you automate processes, increase efficiency, and boost your sales. Give it a try. Schedule a call with our team and let’s find together the best ways to grow your business.