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Dida Travel Free API Integration


wbe.travel has integrated via the API and has added in the Premium PLUS program the largest overseas hotel distributor in China, Dida Travel. The connection to Dida Travel’s API is included in the program and is covered by wbe.travel and Dida Travel so you, as a travel company, will have zero costs for installation and no monthly fees for maintenance.


About Dida Travel


Born digital, DidaTravel is a global travel tech leader committed to providing its customers with the fastest, most flexible access to top travel products worldwide. As the No.1 B2B travel wholesaler in China and a leader in APAC travel distribution, Dida is uniquely positioned to provide hoteliers and travel ancillary providers worldwide with unparalleled commercial reach.

DidaTravel’s clients can access real-time hotel inventory and room rates for 62,000+ direct contract hotels and 1,000,000 third-party products provided by 100+ international XML suppliers and 600+ regional suppliers in 200+ countries and regions.

As one of the key suppliers to major online travel agents (OTAs) and retail agents in APAC and key airlines such as China Eastern Airlines, DidaTravel supplies travel products to over 25,000 hard-to-reach B2B clients.


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Enrich your portfolio with 62,000+ direct contract hotels and 1,000,000 from third-party providers, all with just one API connection with Dida Travel from wbe.travel.


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