Avoris Travel API Integration

wbe.travel has integrated via the XTG switch the API of Avoris Travel, a prestigious company part of Barceló Group, supplying travel products through an impressive portfolio of travel brands.


About Avoris Travel


Ávoris specialises in holidays, leisure and business travel, and forms part of the prestigious and established Barceló Group. Ávoris is not only a group made up of travel companies, it is a vertically integrated global company. Its business model is structured to lead the way for changes in the travel and tourism market through five large areas: wholesale, retail, flights, incoming services and gift boxes.


More than 30 highly specialised brands, many of them leaders in the market segments in which they operate, including the travel agency networks B travel, Halcón Viajes and Viajes Ecuador, the tour operators Travelplan, Catai, Special Tours and Jolidey, Disneyland Paris specialists LePlan & Touring Club, the airline Iberojet, BCD Travel in the corporate travel sector, specialist tour operator Mundosenior, bed banks Welcomebeds and Marsol, and incoming destination services Welcome Incoming Services.


of Avoris Travel
  • B travel – One of the main retail travel agency networks in Spain and Portugal. With a network of 630 agencies throughout Spain, the flagship of the Ávoris, B travel, boasts a team of more than 1,500 travel experts who offer a personal and exclusive service.
  • Viajaway – A brand that specialises in travel for millennials, offering experiences exclusively created for these travellers.
  • B travel & Catai – are the group’s premium agencies specialising in long-haul travel, unique getaways and once-in-a-lifetime destinations.
  • Travelplan – Since its establishment as a wholesale travel agency in 1986, Travelplan has become the leading tour operator in the Spanish market in terms of both destinations and the number of passengers.
  • Welcome Incoming Services – part of Ávoris’ receptive division as an effective and agile solution for the purchase and contracting of tourist and leisure services, with 18 of their own offices in six countries.
  • Iberojet & Muchoviaje – Online travel agents that use ecommerce to reinforce Ávoris’ existing services, where the customer can find varied and unbeatable options for all types of travel, especially in the Caribbean, Tours and Global Travel.
  • Iberojet – the commercial brand of our airlines with a fleet of seven aircraft.
  • Iberobus – a company with over 40 years of experience in the transportation of passengers by road.

& many other brands with an established presence in the travel market.

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