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More travel inventory = more choices for the buyer


Get the best buying rate in the market by connecting with as many travel suppliers as possible, using’s solutions. Act as a broker, by searching through multiple sources of travel inventory in just one place, using real-time connectivity.

Hundreds of travel suppliers already connected
Connect all your accommodation & air suppliers without any extra effort. Use the same platform to get your contracted properties. Wait, there's more! Now you can connect to TravelGate X and access hundreds of accommodation suppliers fully mapped by wbe·travel, ready to go live. Have a look at some of our integations:

The latest version of Expedia & Hotelbeds APIs has installed and is ready to connect your agency with the latest version of Expedia’s API – Rapid 3 API and the ultimate API from Hotelbeds – APItude, the fastest and lightest travel distribution API suite for travel companies.


ZERO installation fee & NO monthly costs
This facility is offered through the "Premium PLUS" program for elite travel suppliers, providing companies world-class travel content. The zero costs policy refers to the powerful API integration and its maintenance. No fees to connect your travel business to travel suppliers with great, ever-growing listings and qualitative content, directly contracted rates and some of the fastest inventory updates. Discover them below:

Already know what travel suppliers you need?

If you’ve already made up your mind and you know exactly what travel supplier your business needs, simply ask us for the direct integration. Fill in the form with as much information as possible, to help us offer you exactly what you desire.

+500,000 Hotels & Flights with ZERO costs for integration
Benefit from the "Preferred Partner" program with zero integration fees and discounted maintenance fees. Connect your business to travel suppliers offering +500,000 Hotels, Low-Cost Flights Worldwide, Carrier Flights and combo of segments. Discover our preffered partners below:

Big tech brands certifying our technology


Over the years has received multiple certifications from its partners:

  • One of the first technology companies to be named Certified Technology Partner by Expedia

  • Certified Amadeus API Client Application Provider

  • Travelport Global Certified Developer

  • Official Technology Integration Partner & Master Certification TIP with Mystifly for ASR Hub

Complete your travel portfolio with flight services provides a reliable integration to multiple Global Distribution Systems, flight consolidators and low-cost carriers. Allow your travel agents and travelers to book flights online via your B2B, B2C, Corporate Booking Systems.


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