Get a lower net rate on an existing hotel reservation with Rebooking tools

and increase your margins

We’ve been patiently waiting to share with you some great results of our implementation of the rebooking solutions. After months of learning our customer’s booking patterns, the rebooking tool is ready to reduce your net rates by approximately 9% of the original booking price.



How it really works?


  • A rebooking tool works seamlessly with your own supplier credentials – this means that we are only using your OWN supplier agreements to rebook and still make volume for your own company.

  • We never rebook different rooms – the rebooking tools always rebooks the same room type when it is sure of this. So, you are assured that the customer will not receive a different room type at the hotel.

  • Our safety-first policy means that we never cancel the previous booking unless we are sure the new one has been confirmed – so only once the new booking is placed and confirmed with YOUR suppliers for a far cheaper rate, only then we will proceed to automatically cancel the old one.

  • No notifications for your clients means no problems. Your customers get notified at every step of the journey when you use the wbe engine. Except when you place a rebooking. Every conceivable notification is inhibited so your customers simply won’t have any clue that a rebook took place.

  • Get money while you sleep – the rebooking tool works uninterrupted in the background, even during your off hours and ensures that your get a better yield on bookings with your own suppliers.

    While we have seen some rebookings where the actual rebooked value was a few thousands of EUR cheaper than the original net price, the typical stats that we have observed are that the rebooker reduces the net rate by approximately 9% more than the original booking price.

  • A rebooking tool uses innovative algorithms to check for the best time to actually rebook. The innovation in rebooking tools comes from machine learning and Big Data technology powered by AI, which compares fluctuating hotel rates and predicts when the price will reach its absolute bottom. Only then will the system make a new reservation and replace the old one.

  • Once installed, a rebooking tool can only improve. This means that a tool that today does one rebooking, with a next iteration will be able to do multiple rebookings, from various suppliers, in order to even more take advantage of last-minute promos that simply pop up.

What are our clients saying?

Amazing staff with great knowledge of the travel IT industry, thinking much forward and have a making money product which is the most important for me. Usually, everyone who is looking for a system like this is lost on details and features. They have a unique way to approach and give you exactly what fits you.

Alexandros Katsopoulos
CEO, People of The World

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