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Channel Managers Integration

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What is our Channel Managers Integration?

With a single XML connection to any channel management platform you can connect your Hotel Extranet System to a huge inventory of hotels in preferred destinations and populate the hotels content in your databases of either B2B or B2C booking engines, whichever your business model is.

What’s in it for you?

Integrating a Channel Manager into your online booking system will expand your global coverage so you will be able to increase accommodation choices for your travelers: from ordinary global chains to elite hotel groups and unique, independent hotels around the world.

Gaining connections with world's leading channel management systems you can access new properties and at the same time you are getting the best available rates and real time inventory in an automated and cost-effective manner.

How does it work?

Web Booking Expert provides you with flexible API (push / pull) that can connect to each channel manager in order to grant your travelers with access to the full range of inventory available in some locations with less and less booking errors.

This connection will avoid the time challenging task of trying to manually update countless hotel booking channels (via Extranet or even via e-mail and phone calls).

Until now Web Booking Expert has been already connected to some of the leading Channel Management Systems , giving OTAs access to thousands of new properties globally through their platform, thus helping them grow their business.

Key Capabilities

  • Real time inventory
  • Elimination of losses due to allocation of inconsistent/incorrect room rates
  • Removal of revenue loss due to delayed cancellations
  • Eliminating the risk of overbooking
  • Fast and easy multiple rates updating from the hotels to support rate parity
  • Control of the appropriateness of the tariffs set by the hotels
  • Easy access to broader room inventory and rates for promotions and sales
  • No need of installation, accessible from any PC with internet connection

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