Custom IT Development

One size does not fit all: we recommend, implement and support a sophisticated online booking software tailored for unique needs

In travel software business change is inevitable, change is constant, in both technology and market needs. At some point everybody is struggling with their software project success rate – either they don’t meet their financial objectives, require significant adjustments or need to start over again.

We at Web Booking Expert are constantly striving to find out what can be done to improve the chances of success and master even the most challenging projects. We understand that different travel businesses require different technology solutions and are aware that one size does not fit all. We are a team of specialists that can work through simple or complex travel policies, help clients maximize efficiency, save costs and leverage technology in order to simplify and enhance user experience.

Analysis & Consulting

Our top travel technology experts that are able to perform a proven, effective and real-world approach to your business requirements and goals analysis.

Based on your own travel business particularities we will recommend, implement, train and support a sophisticated online booking software tailored for your unique needs.

Through our proven expertise and understanding of key travel business objectives, we can extend our standard product (either B2B or B2C), recommend and implement the best specific features for your company’s travel uniqueness.

Thus your tailor-made project will  reflect your company’s culture, image and branding, with full customization available for logos, colors and either regional / global approach. Also we are able to offer you specific 3rd party services providers (Accounting, CRM, Payment Gateway) at your own choice and also a specific set of travel suppliers integrated especially for you.

Change Management

If your travel software system is pursuing transformative change, Web Booking Expert has the skills and expertise to make it happen.

We are managing the transition to the new system by making sure your employees fully understand the capabilities they are getting along with the change.

The change management process implies a suite of processes that our company needs to perform in order to ensure that the negative impact of a system change are minimized, such as: loosing bookings and bookings centralization, restraining travel services offer due to new integration with suppliers, slow adaptation of the company to a new workflow and so on.

We make sure that both your employees and your clients have a successful adaptation to the new system and that the new implementation will consequently improve the day-to-day operations of the whole company.


Code Source Takeover & Enhancement

In order to deliver professional solutions and strategic benefits we will take over your current system, analyze, understand and document your current source code.

We will develop new features, improve your application design and optimize your database for faster access to larger amount of data (photos, descriptions, static data) thus improving the search results speed.

We can provide specific set of new suppliers of various travel services, specific hosting set-up on your own local hosting environment and even tailor-made packages of features specific to your own company’s workflow: mark-up mechanisms, back-office priorities and rules, emailing systems.

Web Booking Expert takes pride in delivering projects inside the given deadline, at the same time making sure that the project communication is performed in a transparent manner.

Does your travel business require a change in technology?