27 November 2023

4 NEW Accommodation Suppliers integrated by wbe.travel via XTG Gate

Unlocking New Horizons: wbe.travel Integrates 4 Exciting Accommodation Suppliers

In its relentless pursuit of providing cutting-edge travel technology solutions, wbe.travel has recently integrated four new accommodation suppliers via the TravelgateX gateway, expanding its portfolio to over 25 hotel suppliers only via XTG, and +150 in total, in just a few months. These strategic partnerships aim to empower travel businesses with a diverse range of options for accommodation. Let’s dive into the details of each of these exciting new partners.

saltours API Integration by wbe.travel via TravelgateX

Saltours International: Unmatched Wholesale Hotel Bookings

Established in 1974, Saltours International has been a trailblazer in B2B wholesale distribution, promoting Britain as a key tourist destination. With operations in key destinations worldwide, Saltours offers a comprehensive range of accommodation options, from hotels to apartments. The company’s global network ensures access to the best FIT and GIT rates for clients.

Whether it’s a solo traveler seeking a cosy hotel or a group looking for spacious apartments, Saltours’ direct contracts with accommodations worldwide guarantee quality stays at competitive prices. With a commitment to detail and excellence, Saltours transforms hotel bookings into a seamless and delightful experience for both individual and group travelers.

BookMe Maldives API Integration by wbe.travel via TravelgateX

BookMe Maldives: Luxury Redefined in Maldivian Resorts

BookMe Maldives, as a local Maldivian DMC, takes pride in offering luxurious stays in the Maldives. With over 150 directly contracted resorts, hotels, and guesthouses, BookMe Maldives provides a rich selection of accommodation options. From overwater bungalows to beachfront villas, each property is carefully chosen to elevate the Maldivian experience.

Enjoy the convenience of immediate confirmation for hotel bookings, live availability, and personalized meet-and-greet services. BookMe Maldives ensures that each guest is treated as a part of their growing family, with a 24/7 on-call team ready to cater to every accommodation need. Choose BookMe Maldives for a premium selection of accommodations and an unmatched Maldivian holiday experience.

 iol-x by Illusions API connectivity by wbe.travel via XTG switch

iOL X: Revolutionizing Accommodation Access Worldwide

Welcome to a new era of accommodation possibilities with iOL X, the latest integration by wbe.travel. This dynamic partnership extends a global portfolio featuring over 17,000 properties, presenting a diverse spectrum of options tailored to every traveler’s desire. From the opulence of esteemed luxury chains such as Marriott, IHG, and Hilton to the distinctive allure of boutique gems like ME Dubai, iOL X ensures a comprehensive array of choices, enriching the travel experience for your clients.

Immediate connectivity, de-duped rates, and automation redefine your booking experience. 20+ years of industry leadership, iOL X reshapes the travel landscape. It’s the global B2B hub, linking hotels like Hilton with your travel agency.

MELUR Destination Management Company API integration by wbe.travel

Melur: Alpine Retreats and Italian Charm

Melur, with its roots deeply embedded in Austria, offers a splendid collection of accommodation services. Specializing in skiing vacations in Austria and Italy, Melur has fostered partnerships with approximately 400 hotels. These direct contracts ensure not only the best rates but also a wide range of options, from cosy alpine retreats to charming Italian stays.

Experience the allure of Austrian and Italian cities with Melur’s portfolio, carefully curated for skiing enthusiasts, beach lovers, and city explorers alike. With dynamic packages allowing flexible accommodations and the convenience of online bookings, Melur stands as a gateway to unforgettable stays in picturesque locations.


Elevate your travel agency’s accommodation offerings by seamlessly integrating with these four exceptional partners through wbe.travel’s advanced API connections. From alpine retreats to Maldivian luxury, each partner brings a unique flavor to the world of hotels. Embrace the future of travel accommodation – request your API connection with Melur, Saltours International, BookMe Maldives, and iOL X today and open the door to a world of unforgettable stays for your clients.

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