03 October 2023

wbe.travel Integrates four new Top Global Hotel Travel Partners

Introducing wbe.travel’s Four New Stellar Partners: The Future of Travel Connectivity

In an era dominated by digital prowess, the seamless integration of travel platforms stands at the forefront of industry evolution. We’re thrilled to announce the integration of four industry leaders with wbe.travel via the versatile TravelgateX platform. Here’s a closer look at Roibos, Desert Adventures, RatesPro, and Ask2Travel—each bringing its distinct flavour to the world of travel.

Roibos API Integration via wbe.travel via XTG switch

Roibos: The Pinnacle of Direct Hotel Distribution

Established to challenge the norms, Roibos introduces a revolutionary B2B Hotel Distribution Marketplace, effectively eliminating the intermediary maze.
By leveraging top-tier XML connectivity, Roibos grants real-time access to a continuously expanding portfolio of hotels available for direct contracting. With Roibos, travel operators can directly tap into over 8,000 hotels worldwide, ensuring dynamic rates and a seamless booking experience.

Their comprehensive approach ensures real-time access to dynamic rates, high-quality hotel content, and flexible booking options. With offices strategically located to serve a global clientele, Roibos’ commitment to superior customer care stands unparalleled.

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Desert Adventures: Two Decades of Crafting Arabian Tales

Positioned as the epitome of Arabian tourism expertise, Desert Adventures has cemented its place for over 20 years, offering unmatched Destination Management Company (DMC) services in the UAE, Oman, and Jordan.

Serving as the world’s trusted Arabian gateway, they partner with the finest hotel brands, offering travelers a broad spectrum of lodging options. With representatives across the globe, their B2B systems offer unmatched services, solidifying their spot as the ultimate Arabian gateway.

Ratespro hotel wholesaler API integration via wbe.travel via XTG switch

RatesPro: Your Global Wholesaler with a Local Touch

Originating from Dublin in 2016, RatesPro quickly scaled the ranks to become a leading travel wholesaler. With a monumental portfolio containing over 750,000 properties and 28,000 direct contracts, RatesPro understands the essence of travel distribution.

The company guarantees competitive rates and unparalleled service by amalgamating cutting-edge software, exceptional local expertise, and a hands-on global approach. Beyond their vast property portfolio, RatesPro commits to growth-driven partnerships and offers bespoke commission flexibility, ensuring a win-win alliance for all stakeholders.

Ask2Travel Hotel API Integration via wbe.travel via XTG switch

Ask2Travel: Mediterranean Excellence Meets Global Outreach

Nestled in the iconic landscapes of Greece and Turkey, Ask2Travel transcends traditional travel services, encapsulating the essence of Mediterranean charm. Their vast network, boasting affiliations to over 1.6 million hotels worldwide, ensures that travelers are treated to an expansive array of services, from flight bookings to uniquely crafted tours.

Their dual presence in Greece and Istanbul further solidifies their commitment to providing top-tier, localized experiences. Moreover, their robust platform, designed for corporate travel solutions, stands as a beacon of innovation in the industry. With a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction and service, Ask2Travel remains a favourite among travelers seeking authentic Mediterranean adventures.


Embrace the Next Chapter in Travel Integration

As the horizon of travel expands, so do the opportunities to connect, grow, and innovate. Roibos, Desert Adventures, RatesPro, and Ask2Travel represent not just partnerships but the missing part of a travel portfolio. We at wbe.travel are thrilled to bridge these dynamic entities with our global community. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Enhance your travel offerings, streamline your operations, and elevate the experiences you deliver. Connect them now!


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