07 September 2023

wbe.travel Integrates Top-tier Hotel Suppliers via TravelgateX: Advancing B2B Travel and API Technology

Unleashing Next-Gen Travel Agency Technology: wbe.travel Harnesses Elite Hotel Suppliers and API Integration through TravelgateX for a Seamless Booking System Experience

The digital transformation of the travel industry continues to gain momentum, particularly in critical markets all over the world. As travel agency technology evolves, the demand for efficient and advanced travel software, along with reliable hotel suppliers, is at its zenith. Recognizing this trend, wbe.travel is elated to unveil its partnership with four influential travel entities via TravelgateX, in addition to the previously integrated ones. This collaboration promises not only enriched hotel API connectivity but also an optimized travel booking system, tapping into the heart of the global travel market. Curious about these industry titans? Let’s embark on the journey.

Gekko Group API Integration - French Travel Wholesaler - by wbe.travel 210 118

Gekko Group: Spearheading B2B Hotel Distribution

Established in 2009 in France, Gekko Group is a testament to innovation and expertise, creating groundbreaking IT solutions for both the leisure and corporate travel sectors. Catering to a vast spectrum that encompasses Corporate and leisure Travel Agencies, Tourism Boards, and more, Gekko’s multifaceted approach stands unparalleled. With six distinct brands under their banner, each addressing a unique niche, Gekko promises comprehensive solutions, ensuring the travel domain is catered to in its entirety.

PeakPoint Global Turkish travel B2B Wholesaler API Connection by wbe.travel 210 118

PeakPoint Global: Crafting Targeted Travel Innovations

Originating from the historical landscapes of Istanbul, PeakPoint Global has anchored its mission in maximizing sales across the intricate web of the travel supply chain. Drawing from years of experience in tourism and cutting-edge travel technologies, they guarantee bespoke solutions tailored for each stakeholder. Their robust system proficiency, especially in API integrations, ensures fluid and efficient travel product distribution. With 24/7 customer support, they exemplify the gold standard in customer relations, setting a benchmark in the travel ecosystem.

MG Group - Travel B2B Wholesaler Bedbank by wbe.travel 210 118

MG Group: The Epitome of B2B Hospitality Marketplace

With an unyielding emphasis on leveraging technology to its zenith, MG Group positions itself as the forefront runner of the B2B hospitality marketplace. Their unparalleled platform, specially architected for B2B distribution, is a marvel in microservices-based technology. Their vast inventory, spanning over 350,000 hotels globally and direct affiliations with elite brands like Hilton and Marriott, promises a holistic and premium offering. Their commitment is further fortified by connections to industry-leading technology partners.

Methabook Travel - accommodation solutions worldwide - Integration by wbe.travel 210 118

Methabook: Centralized Booking Redefined

With 11 years of trailblazing innovations, Methabook has reimagined the very concept of centralized booking. Serving over 1233 clients across countries like the UAE, USA, Japan, and more, their expansive hotel inventory ensures diversity and quality. Their state-of-the-art online confirmation service guarantees real-time flexibility in reservations, catering to a myriad of travel entities like Travel Agencies, OTAs, and Tour Operators. Their impeccably mapped catalogue stands as a testament to their dedication to precision and seamlessness.

Closing Thoughts

wbe.travel’s latest partnerships underscore its commitment to revolutionizing the travel realm. With the combined expertise of these four suppliers, travel agencies can anticipate a future of seamless, enriched, and expansive experiences. To explore direct connectivity and gain further insights, reach out to us directly here.


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