19 July 2023

wbe.travel Welcomes Four New Powerhouse Partners via TravelgateX

A Game-Changer in Global Travel: wbe.travel expands its APIHub with four major partners via TravelgateX

The world of travel is evolving at a pace unprecedented. Every innovative step in travel technology fortifies the bridge between travel companies and an all-encompassing global travel market. At the heart of this transformation is wbe.travel, which has recently expanded its horizons by connecting with four influential travel giants via TravelgateX. This partnership promises revolutionary Hotel API connectivity, real-time access to a multitude of travel suppliers across the globe, and simplified hotel distribution. But who are these four suppliers? Let’s dive in.

Happy Travel - luxury B2B global travel wholesaler API integration by wbe.travel 210 118

Happy Travel & Tourism: Luxury Travel at its Best

Venturing into the realm of luxury travel is Happy Travel & Tourism, a global B2B travel wholesaler based in Dubai. With its global footprint reaching out to Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico, and the Czech Republic, this luxury destination management company is dedicated to serving the world’s elite travelers. Their 24/7 concierge service, backed by a cutting-edge online booking system, guarantees seamless connectivity to a broad range of luxury hotels. Over six decades of combined experience by the management team ensures that travelers can access exclusive rates and experience the pinnacle of luxury.

1waytoItaly Italian B2B Travel Wholesaler - API connection by wbe.travel 210 118

1way2Italy: Your Exclusive Passport to Italy

Seeking an unparalleled Italian experience? 1way2Italy, powered by Datagest Srl, opens the doors to Italy’s finest – hotels, tours, activities, tickets, and transfers. With 34 years of industry experience, this gateway offers real-time access to over 8,000 hotel partners, thanks to their unique software solutions. Dive deep into Italy’s offerings with the best prices, unmatched availability, and local support. It’s truly Italy at your fingertips.

Eturia Travel - Romania - Travel API by wbe.travel 210 118

Eturia: Crafting Bespoke Travel Experiences

Established in 2007, Eturia is Romania’s premier travel designer, having shaped journeys for over 30,000 tourists. With ties to over 1,000 beach hotels and collaborations with 300 local tour operators, Eturia’s offerings are diverse and comprehensive. From the mesmerizing Maldives to Europe’s hidden treasures, they curate tailor-made trips, ensuring each journey is as unique as the traveler. At Eturia, it’s not just about travel; it’s about crafting stories together with the traveler.

wbe.travel;s latest integration with Prime Travel API through the XTG switch offers access to over 12,000 direct contracts and 750,000 hotels, providing unparalleled rates for the travel trade. Optimize your travel business with Prime Travel's API integration

Prime Travel: A Wholesaler Like No Other

Stepping into the ring is Prime Travel, a dynamic B2B travel wholesaler known for its swift multi-solution system. Handling over 80 million daily requests, their proficiency is evident. But their true prowess lies in offering unmatched accommodation rates, with access to a staggering number of 12,000 static direct contracts, 5,000 dynamic direct hotel contracts, and access to 750,000 hotels and rental homes in Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, and Poland. Prime Travel’s initiative, Bedsopia.com, further cements its position as a leader in the travel industry, ensuring travel partners benefit from competitive rates and unmatched support.

In conclusion, wbe.travel’s newest collaboration heralds a new era for travel agencies, promising a seamless, enriched, and expansive experience, all thanks to the potent blend of cutting-edge technology and the vast network of these four partners. For more information and to request your direct connectivity, send us an email, here.


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